Month: May 2015

The Global Office

The Global Office

In 2014, I defined the concept The Global Office. From being something just simmering in my mind, I then gave it a name. As all other people, I enjoy travelling, but unlike most, I like to work when I travel. This is perhaps due to my hard-working gen, or out of love for my job – or maybe because I realized how much more I got inspired, when I got out from the office or design studio. It simply enhanced the quality of my work, and made my perception of things broader. There are of course huge benefits from being in the office such as spending time with your colleagues and sharing thoughts and ideas. This is a part from the very obvious reasons of getting into the office: working – as in getting things done. I have to admit that many things are a lot easier, when you sit under the same roof; processes are easier, and so is communication (if we actually chose to speak to our colleagues instead of just sending them …

What is great fashion education

What is great Fashion Education?

In my life as a Tutor and Programme Leader in Fashion Design, I’ve often been asked the question of how important a good education actually is. I have only one answer to that: very! But what is great fashion education? What should you look for? A good fashion school will prepare you with the necessary skills, knowledge and working processes, which you will use when you start working. It will be structured in a way, where each brick being laid builds on top of the previous one according to the level you’re at. At the beginning it will most likely start with some basic drawing and easy pattern cutting, and towards the end culminate in your own fashion collection presented as a portfolio or fashion show. This is relatively standard, and I reckon that most schools – regardless of the quality – will have structured their course this way. But this is also where the similarities end, and below are written 5 key points to answer the question of what is great fashion education. They …