Month: July 2016

Resort 17 fashion trends black dress

Resort 17 Fashion Trends

It’s interesting how something – a collection that was originally invented to fill out the long gaps between the main fashion collections of summer and winter – has almost overtaken the main collections in that the buyers spend around 70% of the yearly budget on them, the collections are more wearable, and they hit the shop floor at a moment, when the consumers really need them. Resort or Cruise and Pre-Fall, or the so-called Pre-collections; from a trend perspective, they are launched very close to the main collections, and it’s therefore limited how much influence they will have on the following season. In this case with the Resort collection, it’s launched in July, and it will be followed by the Summer collection launched in september. Depending on the flexibility of the design houses, it will have more or less influence, but regardless of that, it’s hinting of what’s going to follow suit from the hands of the big designers. Trends move in waves; they are the natural (or unnatural) continuation of what has been, and they …