Month: November 2016

Hillary Clinton

Editor’s note – on Hillary Clinton

So, we’re not exactly a political blog as in at all – we’re a fashion blog – but fashion is about making a standpoint that you believe in, and so is being a cool human being. We had to comment on the one thing that is on our mind today; the US election. We don’t consider ourselves to be experts in American politics, and therefore perhaps our voice is not even important, but we do consider ourselves to have certain values that we believe in, and human traits that we approve of and admire. Let’s start with the human traits; I really admire, when people work hard, have a proven track record/CV, know what they’re talking about, have familiarised themselves with cases they comment on, speak well of others, and have a positive outlook on the future and believe in being able to better things. This is the type of person, I would love to be friends with and hire to work with. It’s also the type of person I would go to great lengths …

Fashion street style

Fashion Street Style

I recently wrote a blog post, where I commented on an article on Vogue – an interview with Anthony Vacarello about his new role as creative Director for YSL, and how his interpretation of the brand was more a question of the YSL attitude than the actual clothes. As I also ended up concluding, this is perhaps wiser, as it’s hard to imitate a Grand Styliste, and as also design aesthetics and women’s needs have changed, there’s in any case a need of doing something new (no surprise). What continues to fascinate me, though, and turn around in my mind, is this notion of attitude before clothes, and it makes me reflect upon, why fashion street style and photo shoots in magazines are so popular. Let’s start with last-mentioned; photo shoots. We all know, how great it is to flip through a glossy fashion mag! Wise people predicted that hard copy editions were dead with the rise of online media, and the online format has indeed taken its part of the limelight, but hard copy …

Fashion Emojis

November Fashion Fun: Fashion Emojis

Last month, we started our Monthly Fashion Fun with a fashion quiz of illustrated runway looks from ss17 that we posted on Instagram. It was such a big success – and so much fun – that we have decided to carry on with the concept of monthly projects. They will be outlets of pure creativity, and though it’s not directly connected to creating a fashion collection or trend forecasting (our main focuses in here), it’s still a very good way to exercise the creative muscles. Understanding and mastering fashion in a broader sense than just creating clothes and accessories is very helpful and also necessary today. November’s Fashion Fun will be Fashion Emojis, as everyone loves emojis, as a fresh way of brighten up any text message and making the meaning clearer – with the use of a little, yellow fellow with dark sunglasses, for instance (my personal favourite). But hey; I also do love sunglasses! I’m so Karl 🙂 We have only just done our first entry, as this is still early November, but …