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What’s happening with Online Fashion Retail?

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Gone are the days, when a fashion designer had the luxury of only having to deal with designing beautiful clothes. A fashion designer today may not exactly need to be an all-around expert in everything from business to design, but nevertheless know the fundamentals of production & outsourcing, social media strategies, and retail. During Copenhagen Fashion Week 5-8 August 2015, Easysize organised a talk under the exciting title of ‘Bridging the Gap between Fashion and Online Shoppers’ with a focus on online fashion retail.

Manou Messmann, Expert in Fashion Dynamics and Consumer Behaviour, was the first keynote speaker, and she mentioned interesting points about how companies today are reaching out to consumers, initiating a dialogue with them (dialogue is a key word in this context), understanding what the consumer wants, and trying to facilitate this need. It’s about making relevant products, and technology can help with that.

Lise Elbæk-Jespersen, Retail Industry Manager at Google Denmark, had an impressive amount of hard data to share with the audience about consumer behaviour. 2,5 billion people today are on-line, 2015 is the year where more traffic is now being generated from mobile devices (60%), and an internet user spends in average approx. 6 hours per day online. Obviously all of these figures are just going to rise in the future. While this was interesting to hear about, her really powerful message was that though you’re a market leader today, you need to keep thinking about innovation and making the user experience through Connectability always more seamless. This no matter who you are, because being big today is no guarantee for even being around tomorrow. Coming from someone from Google, this was quite interesting to hear.

Gulnaz Khusainova, CEO and Founder at Easysize, had some other inspiring considerations to make about how well we actually know our customer – despite all the big data being collected and analysed. It’s easily measurable, what people buy, but it’s hard to measure, why they return something. Or what their biggest doubts are. Or what other brands they buy. What you want to know is obviously as many things as possible. Then you can target your customer at the right time, with the relevant product, in the right size, and at the right price. And, as 67% of online shops’ carts are abandoned, you can always send your customer an email after a couple of days (like Asos do), and now offer a 20% discount compared to earlier. What do you think, the customer will do? Most likely buy.

Fashion retail talk

A Round Table was facilitated by Janne Villadsen, and she guided five industry experts around the topic of Fashion and Online Shopping. The final point of discussion was about, what the future holds in this regard, and Katrin Bjerre from Wood Wood, mentioned how the focus at Wood Wood was to think as a brand in an organic way, rather than about separate areas of online, offline etc. Mads Ehrhardt from FashionFinder put emphasis on the actual experience, the user experience when shopping, and the joy of leaving a shop with a desirable item inside a shopping bag. All very tangible and evoking the senses, and something that shouldn’t be deprived a consumer. What he also mentioned was that physical shops have been forgotten in the online fashion retail haze, but, according to him, there will be more focus on the Bricks in the future.

Kasper Brandi Petersen, co-founder of The Cloakroom, expressed his dislike – in his straightforward way of saying things – of the word E-commerce. He pointed out that a customer may contact a Personal shopper via Facebook, and the message being read on a cell phone, and where does this sit in the whole E-commerce picture? Perhaps not an all-together bad observation considering that the word E-commerce was invented at the start of the online adventure, and we’re starting to have a diverse picture, in terms of platform, experience, channels of communication and focus of the service.

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