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Fashion Cat

Cover Cat

The great thing about having a space called ‘Fashion Fun’ is that you can do what you want. It’s a bit like research really, where you intuitively go with images that excite you – just because they excite you. There’s something wonderfully free and almost rebellious about it. Complete anarchy. And this is important in fashion design, where you have to trust your gut feeling, and where you can convince people of anything, if you’re convinced yourself. So I decided to post a cat. A Cover Cat. For some reason I got excited about this. I just love how it looks straight at the camera. And I love the type of sunglasses too. You can really feel how it belongs in the world of fashion; Le Chat front row. But why am I actually posting this? Because I’m having fun while checking out fashionable cats on the net, and I’m trying to remind myself and others that fashion should be fun, at least it can be. It’s often very serious too, and pretentious, but it …

Fashion Emojis

November Fashion Fun: Fashion Emojis

Last month, we started our Monthly Fashion Fun with a fashion quiz of illustrated runway looks from ss17 that we posted on Instagram. It was such a big success – and so much fun – that we have decided to carry on with the concept of monthly projects. They will be outlets of pure creativity, and though it’s not directly connected to creating a fashion collection or trend forecasting (our main focuses in here), it’s still a very good way to exercise the creative muscles. Understanding and mastering fashion in a broader sense than just creating clothes and accessories is very helpful and also necessary today. November’s Fashion Fun will be Fashion Emojis, as everyone loves emojis, as a fresh way of brighten up any text message and making the meaning clearer – with the use of a little, yellow fellow with dark sunglasses, for instance (my personal favourite). But hey; I also do love sunglasses! I’m so Karl 🙂 We have only just done our first entry, as this is still early November, but …