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Fashion and black

Fashion and Black

What is the thing with fashion people and black or simply fashion and black? There are so many other colours to choose from. Why is it then that everybody always wears black? At the same time, black is stylish, elegant, timeless, urban, dark, Parisian and so on, but it’s actually also anonymous and without any connotations and values to be added to it. That makes it very eternal, and impossible to go wrong with, and sometimes you don’t feel like dressing bon ton, casual or maritime. Sometimes you just want to be black. Black is also a life style, a creative life style, which inspires artists, philosophers, musicians, designers, New Yorkers, Parisians, depressed, and grieving people. An interesting bunch, really, and one we definitely want to be part of. Today black is cool, because it makes you look pale in an intellectual and urban way. Black used to be cool in the 00s too, when it made you look anorectic and on hard drugs with a violent boyfriend. Actually black is always relevant – in …

The Global Office

The Global Office

In 2014, I defined the concept The Global Office. From being something just simmering in my mind, I then gave it a name. As all other people, I enjoy travelling, but unlike most, I like to work when I travel. This is perhaps due to my hard-working gen, or out of love for my job – or maybe because I realized how much more I got inspired, when I got out from the office or design studio. It simply enhanced the quality of my work, and made my perception of things broader. There are of course huge benefits from being in the office such as spending time with your colleagues and sharing thoughts and ideas. This is a part from the very obvious reasons of getting into the office: working – as in getting things done. I have to admit that many things are a lot easier, when you sit under the same roof; processes are easier, and so is communication (if we actually chose to speak to our colleagues instead of just sending them …