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Fashion street style

Fashion Street Style

I recently wrote a blog post, where I commented on an article on Vogue – an interview with Anthony Vacarello about his new role as creative Director for YSL, and how his interpretation of the brand was more a question of the YSL attitude than the actual clothes. As I also ended up concluding, this is perhaps wiser, as it’s hard to imitate a Grand Styliste, and as also design aesthetics and women’s needs have changed, there’s in any case a need of doing something new (no surprise). What continues to fascinate me, though, and turn around in my mind, is this notion of attitude before clothes, and it makes me reflect upon, why fashion street style and photo shoots in magazines are so popular. Let’s start with last-mentioned; photo shoots. We all know, how great it is to flip through a glossy fashion mag! Wise people predicted that hard copy editions were dead with the rise of online media, and the online format has indeed taken its part of the limelight, but hard copy …