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Copenhagen Fashion Week aw16

Copenhagen fashion week aw16 - Barbara I Gongini

Last week, it was Copenhagen fashion week aw16, and after three hectic days of running around, my colleagues and I are now left with a feeling of utter pride and respect of what’s going on at the Danish fashion scene. Alas, it has been good for years but with each season, it’s taking on new dimensions. Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) has over the years done an impressive piece of work, and this year season was actually the 10th anniversary. As Eva Kruse, CEO of DAFI, put it: ‘Happy Birthday #cphfw .’

A lot of fantastic work was shown and there were numerous cool events to attend. Below are some of the moments that somehow made an impression on us in challenging our beliefs and aesthetics and making us look forward to the next winter season.

Han Kjobenhavn aw16

HAN Kjobenhavn (above) – it reminds me of driving through the concrete suburbs of Moscow a couple of years ago after attending fashion week, and asking the taxi driver, why the radio was playing Ace of Base (Bear in mind this was 2012, approx. 20 years after Ace of Base had their moment, which most of our readers will have never even heard off. Swedish pop may be good, but hey; 20 years!). In his own words – English with a strong Russian accent – he explained to me the concept of ‘Nostalgia’.

The HAN collection, which is both daring and refreshing, can best be described as a Post-Communism look of wearing clothes, which you have grown out of or inherited from an older brother – wearing stonewash, when everyone else have moved on. Exiting to see, how the fashion consumers will take ownership of this one. #PostCommunism

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Lala Berlin aw16

Lala Berlin (above) – Luxury Grunge which blends in nicely and updates the urban look with a more luxurious feel. #LuxuryGrunge

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Henrik Vibskov aw16

Henrik Vibskov (above) – yet another strong collection for his Graphic Urban Samurai. #GraphicSamurai

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Baum und Pherdgarten aw16

Baum und Pherdgarten (above) – one of Copenhagen’s more established brands where a luxurious feel was also to be found. #GlammaMamma

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by Marlene Birger aw16

by Malene Birger (above) – another established brand creating a global look balancing a ‘More-is-More’ feel of the 80s with clean silhouettes. #More

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Birger Christensen aw16

Birger Christensen (above) – our luxury boutique of all times. Think Rue du Fouburg Saint-Honorè and the little girls that trotting along. #UptownGirl

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For a full view of all the collections at Copenhagen fashion week aw16, please go to

Cover photo Barbara I Gongini aw16.

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