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Cover Cat

Fashion Cat

The great thing about having a space called ‘Fashion Fun’ is that you can do what you want. It’s a bit like research really, where you intuitively go with images that excite you – just because they excite you. There’s something wonderfully free and almost rebellious about it. Complete anarchy. And this is important in fashion design, where you have to trust your gut feeling, and where you can convince people of anything, if you’re convinced yourself.

So I decided to post a cat. A Cover Cat. For some reason I got excited about this. I just love how it looks straight at the camera. And I love the type of sunglasses too. You can really feel how it belongs in the world of fashion; Le Chat front row.

But why am I actually posting this? Because I’m having fun while checking out fashionable cats on the net, and I’m trying to remind myself and others that fashion should be fun, at least it can be. It’s often very serious too, and pretentious, but it can also be a hell of a lot of fun. And fun always feels fresh, a word much loved in the fashion industry always craving something new and exciting.

Image from dashburst.

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