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Inspiration for fashion illustrations

Inspiration for fashion illustrations - Henrik Vibskov

So, a couple of weeks ago, I attended The Jaw Nut Piece fashion show by Henrik Vibskov during Cphfw aw/16. I really love his style, and he is one of my favourite Danish designers. I especially liked his graphic striped Samurai look, so I decided to use it as inspiration for fashion illustrations and do my take on the outfit.

Usually when I make graphic art and illustrations, I start out by picking some cool or quirky pictures, and this Vibskov style had both. Then I put some great music on, as it really means a lot to me, when I’m being creative. I’ll listen to anything, really, but while I did this illustration, I had Pharrell on. ‘Beacuse I’m happy…’

I made this illustration in Illustrator. I had the downloaded picture of the style next to my Illustrator file on my computer screen. I drew by looking at this picture and started out by using the pencil tool to make an outline of the silhouette in a one-line style. This element is a distinct feature of the drawing, and I started by getting it right. After that I coloured by using the pencil tool making small closed boxes. I then used the Eyedropper tool to get the right colour from the photo. When I draw, I really do not think a lot – I just draw. I guess that is why drawing is a great way for me to relax and just be.

The illustration took about a couple of hours to do. I’ve been doing this style of illustrations for some time now, so in the beginning it took me a bit longer, of course. So, how do I know, when it is done? I know that when I start changing too much on something that it’s already done, and also when I have a feeling of all of a sudden wanting something completely different – then I know it’s done. You can always change this and that, refine your art, but at some point it has to be, what it is, and continuous changes wont make it stronger, rather the opposite.

I can draw everywhere, really, and I will draw anything. Sometimes it looks really great, and other times it’s really bad. When it’s bad, I just throw out the work and start on something new.

Now over to you and your creative process of inspiration for fashion illustrations.

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