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Editor’s note – on a fashionable Summer

Fashionable summer

It’s almost June! That means summer, holiday, drinks, warm evenings, sun, a tan, the smell of sun lotion, soft breezes, colours, light clothes and an all-together different energy. Light Linen shirts and paglia shoes… Maybe.. Depending on where you are. Writing this, I’m in London, and today the weather is grey, grey, grey, and I had to borrow a warm sweater from my friend. But hey, we’ve already had some good days, and optimistic as I am, I’m hoping for more sunny days and an all-together ‘good summer’. Being born in Denmark, the topic of the ‘good summer’ is every year, well, pretty hot. And working in fashion; I’m all about a fashionable summer.

The world is a great place of opportunities and possibilities, and never before has it been possible to make your dreams come true as easily as today. Alas, it’s still not easy, but at least more possible. This is of course great – thanks in particular to the Internet. It’s the same Internet that also allows us to constantly be updated with what everyone else is doing, and with 7 billion people in the world, that happens to be a lot of things all the time – no pressure.

Also you can find numerous articles on performance, and how to achieve your big, fat dream – as well as a zillion people who have already done just that. Again, no pressure. I recently read one on top performance, and how it was a question of merely consistency. In essence, it’s not about working dead hard for two month to achieve a mile stone, but about working hard your whole life, day after day, for 10 hours a day, six days a week. That’s how you achieve great things. As a very ambitious person, and someone with a natural talent for motivating people and making them give 110%, I believe a lot in this. 340 days a year, I’m fine with this.

But I also do get to a point, where I need a rest and start to care more about sea water temperatures in various destinations in Europe. It doesn’t happen very often, but I’ve felt it recently. A moment to just take a break and recharge batteries and regain the passion, inspiration and creativity. For Creatives, I believe this is important (as well as for every one else but that’s a different discussion), and top designers have pointed out the lack of joy in having to produce 16 collections a year. Then where’s the art and joy? In our competitive, business environment, Creatives are forced to apply a lot of business sense to their work, and this is fine. But if you get turned on by beauty, concepts and constellations, you sometimes need to take one step back and connect with the arty side of doing things just because, it would look great and make sense to you.

So, summer is a special moment, as for many of us, it will mean summer holiday and perhaps a working environment that’s just a bit slower than usual, as people leave asynchronously, and many divisions will be running with low personnel and chats about ‘where are you going this year’ are inevitable. It’s the moment to read a good book, party until dawn, catch up on a hobby, do some extra sport, sleep until you want and have a reflective moment. Taking beautiful photos and not posting them on Instagram, and replacing how to become the next Steve Jobs articles with an Elle magazine on what to pack for Honolulu – regardless of whether you’re going there.

Personally, I’m planning to spend my fashionable summer in my beloved Italy with my family, fiancé and friends, get a tan, swim in the lake and read a book (which I haven’t done in two years, I think), eat good food, sleep until late, redecorate my bedroom, check out my books on Roger Vivier and Loulou de la Falaise and catch up on some drawing – much as I wrote above.. Ups, forgot the sport – should definitely do some sport. And then just stare into the blue sky. For now, that’s my big, fat dream.

Happy fashionable summer.

Illustration by Gloglo Garcia

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