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Fashion as Freedom of Expression

Fashion as freedom of expression - Niklas Schutt fashion design

The Fashion Crowd icon So, last time we spoke together, you worked for Lanvin, and now you work for Givenchy! What happened?

Niklas Schutt profile picture I applied at Givenchy some months ago, while I was still doing my internship at Lanvin. Unexpectedly, I got a call from the Human Resources Department of Givenchy on the 2nd of November, and we had an interview. Then it just went really quickly from there; on the following day, they called me again and confirmed my job as Design Assistant for the women’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection. I started on the 3rd of November!

I was very happy, as Givenchy has always been one of my favourite brands, which I have always dreamt working for.

The Fashion Crowd icon What does your day look like?

Niklas Schutt profile picture I start working at 9 am. At the moment, we’re working on the pre-fall 2016 collection that is launching now in December, and there’s always a lot to do. Each morning, my senior colleagues inform me about, what has to be done during the day, and we all have our own area of responsibility. It’s clearly structured, which makes the work flow smoothly.

I’m mostly responsible for the colouring and illustration of the pre-fall 2016 looks in Photoshop. I prepare the collection plan, various boards for overviews, catalogue the fitting photos, and research inspiration visuals. We often work until late, and then we order dinner in-house and eat together, which is nice.

My colleagues are all super nice and cool, so we spend great time together, and a part from the social aspect, I enjoy seeing the process from the first sketch to wonderful pieces made of great fabrics and materials.

The Fashion Crowd icon What is the one advice you would pass on to young designers, who also dream about working for a big brand?

Niklas Schutt profile picture Be passionate, do your own thing, know your strengths, stay tuned on what’s going on in the fashion industry, and participate in competitions and other opportunities. Communicate a lot online and in every other way, and start early to apply at opportunities and make yourself noticed.

Yes – those would be my best pieces of advice.

Niklas Schutt fashion design

The Fashion Crowd icon But Niklas, to something very different; Paris was lately on everybody’s lips because of the terror attack. How do people in the fashion industry react to that?

Niklas Schutt profile picture The terror attach is something that affects us all, we’re all very sad, and it was hard to get back to normality. At first, it was silence and endurance that helped us to deal with it; afterwards we all know that we have to continue with our everyday lives. Continue doing what we know best and love to do, express our passions and use fashion as freedom of expression. And sticking together. This is the biggest power, we have.

As fashion is reflecting our daily lives and influenced by current events, it’s definitely influencing also our work as designers.

I live in Paris, and I’ve been to the Bataclan three times, and know the neighbourhood well. Like most other Parisians. That was part of why, it touched us all so deeply – it was part of our everyday life.

The Fashion Crowd icon What role do you think fashion plays in this in being – at the same time – about beauty, self-expression, heritage, the next big thing, but perhaps also a luxury in a world full of crisis?

Niklas Schutt profile picture Fashion gives us freedom and a wonderful opportunity to express our dreams, passions, and talent. It’s also a great opportunity to express feelings and send a message through creativity, which reaches a large public audience and use fashion as freedom of expression. Therefore fashion is an important opportunity to be heard and seen, which is so important for a society living in today’s world full of crisis.

Niklas Schutt fashion design

The images are all from Niklas’ graduate collection. Follow Niklas here.

For the full article about Niklas’ career path, and how he managed to create an international career in fashion, read it here.

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