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Fashion Illustrator Gloglo Garcia

Fashion illustrator Gloglo Garcia

Fashion illustrator Gloglo Garcia is 25-years-old and based in Jerez, Spain. Originally from Huelva, she moved to Sevilla after high school to pursue a career as fashion illustrator, and she studied Fine Arts in Sevilla University. She’s currently enrolled in Art School Jerez, where she’s studying Fashion Design.

We came across Gloria on Instagram, and fell completely in love with her fresh and spontaneous drawing style. It can be hard sometimes to say, what a good illustration or drawing style is, but you know it instantly, when you see it. I believe, it can best be described as something fresh, strong, personal, and where you can feel the passion behind. As Gloria also points out below, her best drawings are, when she draws for fun. The five years, I worked as a fashion design tutor, and the endless amount of fashion work, I have seen outside the school, I believe you can always see in creative work, when the creator was utterly in love with the project at hand. It’s a bit like being in love – you can’t hide that either.

Front row by Gloglo Garcia

When I speak about strong work, I don’t mean in the sense of being very aggressive or opulent, but rather in the sense of having no noise, or nothing that is outside the feel/aesthetics of the style. With Gloria’s work, the sense of freshness and spontaneous feel can be found even in her short and precise ways of answering the interview questions. Also here, her world is not very complicated. Even her artist name Gloglo Garcia, is also fresh and fun, and she chose it, because it sounded a bit like a fish or Dada art.

The Fashion Crowd logo iconGloria, tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Gloglo Garcia icon I grew up surrounded by art. My mom loves painting, and my granddad was an artist. I remember drawing, since I was a child. My granddad used oil painting and did still life. My mum used mixed techniques and introduced me to water colour too. It has just always been my entertainment and now also my passion.

Gucci by Gloglo Garcia

The Fashion Crowd logo iconWhen did you realise that drawing was something you wanted to do as a profession, not just a hobby?

Gloglo Garcia icon When I grew up, and I had to choose a University, I thought that drawing was what made me happy, and I decided to study Fine Arts. Right now, I’m studying Fashion Design, and this way I hope to learn the necessary things for being an illustrator. I still do not know if I can one day make a living out of it, but I really hope so. It’s my big dream.

The Fashion Crowd logo iconDo you have some artists or illustrators, who really inspires you?

Gloglo Garcia icon I love the work of illustrators Helen Bullock and Blair Breitenstein. They are fresh and spontaneous. I also love fashion photographers, and my favourites are Guy Bourdin and Tim Walker. I find their styles surreal and magical, and I can really relate to that. I came across these artists’ work on Instagram and in magazines. Normally, I spend around 3 hours of researching every day. For me, that is very important.

Gloglo Garcia's studio

The Fashion Crowd logo iconWhat have been some of the most important moments in your career so far?

Gloglo Garcia icon In 2015, I worked in Jerez, Spain, during Jerez Fashion Week. The internship lasted one week, and the highlight were the fashion shows, where I worked back stage as a dresser. It was the first time, I attended fashion shows, and the experience was really magical. I worked with Canavate and Amparo Maciá, and it helped me understand fashion from within. It was also very stressful, but at the same time a lot of fun.

A couple of years ago, in 2013, my work was exhibited in ‘Un Gato en Bicicleta’, a bookstore in Sevilla. I exhibited with other people, and the exhibition ran for one month, and it was the first time I saw my work exposed. I saw that people liked my work, and I felt very motivated.

Working with designers may seem remote from my dream to become an illustrator, but my drawings are my interpretation of fashion, so it’s all connected. The experience helped me understand the fashion world and that this is what I love. Quite simply, I draw fashion, because I love fashion.

Gucci by Gloglo Garcia

The Fashion Crowd logo iconHow is your working day organized, and where do you work?

Gloglo Garcia icon In the morning, I go to school, and at the moment we studying Fashion. We did that last year (2nd year), and also this year, where I’m in my final year.

Gloglo Garcia's studio

In the afternoon I work on my illustrations. Sometimes I draw 2-3 hours a day – sometimes I draw the whole day. My studio is my home, and that is where I work. Before starting and sitting down to work, I normally make order in my study. Then I make a tea and listen to some music.

There are times, when I can’t work, and I need a break. Then I do Pilates, which helps me to relax. Otherwise, when there’s no Pilates, I play music and dance.

Miu Miu by Gloglo Garcia

The Fashion Crowd logo iconWhat is creative process like for you? How do you come up with the ideas, and how do you translate them into actual illustrations?

Gloglo Garcia icon I am always collecting images. I screenshot, look on Instagram and Tumblr, mark up magazines…When I see a picture that inspires me, I just have to draw it. My creative process is very spontaneous, and I do my illustrations, as if they were quick sketches. It doesn’t take me very long time to do, because of the spontaneous style. Also, when I take too long, I get bored.

If I ‘m obsessed with a idea, or I see a picture that inspires me a lot, I do many drawings. Other times, I make a singular drawing, and that’s it. My favourite illustrations are often the most recent. I’m trying to find my personal style, and I think the latest drawings are more close to my style.

I work really well, when I feel that I work for fun. If I feel that drawing is an obligation, I can see that the work doesn’t turn out so well.

The Fashion Crowd logo iconWhat is your biggest dream/goal?

Gloglo Garcia icon My biggest dream would be to work with designers and fashion brands and make illustrations for them, because that is what I love to do.

Fashion illustrator Gloglo Garcia

Check out fashion illustrator Gloglo Garcia and her work on Instagram and Tumblr.

Gloglo Garcia illustration



  1. Hi Bette bondo!
    This is the best inspirational interview for beginners. I think Gloria Garcia is the brilliant professional artist in the world. I like her speech, especially for her fresh and spontaneous drawing style.

    • bette bondo says

      We’re glad that you liked it!

      She will start collaborating with us, so you will be able to see more of her here 🙂

    • bette bondo says

      Hi Jemi,
      yes, she’s fantastic!
      At The Fashion Crowd, we’re also totally in love with her style.
      We’re glad that you liked the article.

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