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Fashion Week Illustrations

Fashion week illustrations - Marc jacobs

Practising drawing is an important thing of being a fashion designer – it’s with the pencil/mouse and colours that you express and convey your ideas. Feeling inspired to draw is fundamental, when it comes to doing beautiful work, and taking a look at the new creations from fashion week is a way of obtaining fresh inspiration for some fashion week illustrations.

I did my research looking at all the fashion shows from London, Milan, Paris and New York, and these 4 styles are some of my favourites. When I attend fashion shows or scroll through them online, colour is always something that catches my eye; that and something quirky. I love things that are quirky and have an edge. Things that at first sight don’t seem to fit or just look funny together.

Mary Katrantzou illustration aw16

London Fashion Week

I really like Mary Katrantzou’s tactile finish and colour range. This look got my attention because of its print and kitschy-looking colour combination. I would just love to wear this coat next season!

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Jacquemus illustration aw16

Paris Fashion Week

Jacquemus is overall refreshing, and I’m loving the check patterns and pale pink boots to top the look. The entire show was great, actually, and there are more styles, I would love to illustrate – now that doesn’t cost much and is definitely cheaper than shopping.

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Gucci illustration aw16

Milan Fashion Week

Wow, what a show Gucci did! Such amazing colours and with loads of quirkiness. This darling caught my attention because of the glasses. Yes, I think glasses are sexy and cool, and this look with reds and pale turquoise is both vary daring and sexy. Wow, Santa the list will be long this Christmas!

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Marc Jacobs illustration aw16New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs just did it again. This quirky look, I see myself wearing on Sunday dinners with my family hoping they will be scared! I love how the combination of textures just fit even though it looks really odd as well.

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How exciting all of it. A part from looking forward to spring, with these fashion week illustrations I’m also now looking forward to fall.

illustration saying bye-bye


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