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Generation Z profile: Regitze, Copenhagen.

Generation Z profile

We have previously published an article about Generation Z; their choices and interests especially in relation to fashion. Today we share our first Generation Z profile, a conversation with a teenager, who kindly agreed to share her thoughts on life, fashion and career plans. So, Regitze is 14 years old and lives in Copenhagen. Her main activity is, of course, going to school, but there’s a lot to her than that.

Education and work

The Fashion Crowd logoTell us a little bit about yourself.

Regitze icon I dance, model and work at a cake shop. When I grow up, I want to become a successful model or a stylist. I have been interested in fashion as long, as I can remember. Even as a kid, it was extremely important for me to wear what I preferred, and what I thought was cool (sounds familiar, right?). So it seems like it has always been there, but it`s pretty new that I realized that I can have a career in fashion.

The Fashion Crowd logoWhat do your parents think about your interest in modeling and fashion?

Regitze icon They are concerned, and they ask, what I want to do, and how I plan to make money, as it seems like you cannot earn a living by working in fashion. Also, they say that I can do whatever I choose to do, but I have to have a higher education. That`s fair enough. My dad is more sceptical, than my mother. When I was younger, I had a goal to become an attorney, but now – not so much anymore. I am thinking about something in Communication. It is hard to make this decision, because there are not that many options, that you can later use for your career in fashion.

The Fashion Crowd logoWhat about your friends?

Regitze icon Well, most people know that you can have a job in fashion, but I do not know anyone, who wants it as much as I do. All I know is that I want to work with fashion, but I do not know for sure, in which direction I will go. What I love about the fashion industry is the diversity – the fact that you can literally be anyone. Also I think it is amazing, how it keeps on changing from season to season. On top that, there are no rules in terms of what you can wear. I cannot really picture my future in details yet, but I know that it is going to be amazing.

Young model life

The Fashion Crowd logoScientists claim that in a couple of decades there will be a lot of professions, which do not even exist today. What do you think about it?

Regitze icon I have heard about that. It`s exciting and scary at the same time. It`s good to have some hopes and dreams, but if the world changes drastically – you will just have to adjust yourself.


The Fashion Crowd logoHow did you start your modeling career?

Regitze icon I had always dreamt of becoming a model, but I did not really do anything about it until a woman from the agency stopped me and asked me, if I would like to model. I do not really have any expectations. I just want to meet nice people and have some great adventures.

The Fashion Crowd logoHow do you feel about the modelling world? Do you feel the pressure?

Regitze icon I do not really think that much about it. I just take one day at a time. I have not been to any castings yet, only photoshoots, but I never felt any sort of pressure, because the times I went on shoots, there was an amazing chemistry between the photographer and me, and that made me feel very comfortable.

The Fashion Crowd logoWould you say that this experience makes you feel more or less confident about yourself?

Regitze icon Well, I do feel confident. Especially after becoming a model, I have a whole different look on myself and my body but in a positive way. Modelling is also a kind of a reminder that I need to take care of myself and stay healthy, which, in my case, has been good, because I have recently found out that I actually like working out and that I feel better when I eat healthy. I think you will always have the fear of rejection, because there are so many different models to choose from, and you never really know, what the photographers, stylists, editors and designers are looking for. In my case, it has been kind of different due to my braces, which not everyone likes.

Young model profile

The Fashion Crowd logoWho are you favourite models?

Regitze icon My favourite models are Taylor Hill, Josephine Skriver, Behati Prinsloo and Kendall Jenner. First of all, I like them because they are tall and beautiful, but also because they have an attitude, which is cool.

Personal Style

The Fashion Crowd logoWhich blogs do you follow? Who is your favourite blogger and why?

Regitze icon I follow so-o-o-o many blogs, it is unreal, but my favourite of them is definitely Freja Wewer, because she has the coolest style and can make everything look amazing. I think she is good at spotting the unique stuff between all of the basics.

The Fashion Crowd logoWould you like to start a blog one day too?

Regitze icon I had a blog, when I was a bit younger, and I have recently tried doing it again, but I must admit that I am not that much into it. My biggest dream and passion is modeling, and you cannot both be on the runway and at the front row, so that is another reason why I stopped blogging.

The Fashion Crowd logoHow do you choose your outfits on a daily basis and what is important for you while you are making this choice?

Regitze icon It`s more about my intuition than anything else. I open my closet, and I look at the things that I have; I do know, what is popular today thanks to all the blogs, but I also know what I personally like, so it is always a mix of those two things. Also my mood affects my choices a lot. You always have a couple of looks, which you know are really good on you, so on a bad day you wear one of them, and on a good one – you can experiment and explore more.

Pink Ladies

The Fashion Crowd logoDo you pay attention to how people react to your outfits?

Regitze icon On the days when I experiment, it kind of matters, but most of the time, if I know that I look modern, and I look good, that`s more than enough for me.

The Fashion Crowd logoDo you follow trends? If you see a look in the magazine, which says that is “in” right now, do you follow the lead?

Regitze icon It depends on whether I actually like it myself. I will never do exactly the same thing, but I might go to the store afterwards and look for similar options. Without really knowing, you get inspired every day, so it`s hard to distinguish, if you copied someone, or if you were just inspired.

The Fashion Crowd logoDoes your mother share her opinions on your looks?

Regitze icon My mom, she is very good. She has an eye for what suits me, and what doesn’t, so I listen a lot to what she has to say. Most of the times, when she lets me know, what she thinks, I can later see exactly what she meant.

The Fashion Crowd logoIs your mother into fashion?

Regitze icon No, not at all. She is anti-fashion, I would say. At the same time, she does have an eye for what looks good in a classic way.

The Fashion Crowd logoAre brands important for you?

Regitze icon Not really. Of course, I have my favourite stores. For example, Zara is one of my absolute favourites, but it does not mean that if I like something from another store, I won`t buy it. As long as I like the piece itself – I do not care about the brand behind it.

The Fashion Crowd logoDo you have any designer pieces?

Regitze icon I have a few. I have a pair of Isabel Marant shoes and a Gucci bag. I got both of them as presents for my confirmation. Speaking of clothes, it is hard to point out one or two pieces. I also have some stuff that used to be my mum’s and which she gave to me.

The Fashion Crowd logoDo you feel more special, when you wear designer pieces instead of, let`s say, Zara?

Regitze icon No, not really. Look, many girls at my school have the same Isabel Marant shoes, as I do, so I am kind of bored now after wearing them for a year. However my Gucci bag is very-very special to me, because I have never seen anyone else with the same one, so this is the reason, why I feel special, when I wear it.

The Fashion Crowd logoDo your friends react differently, when you wear designer items?

Regitze icon Oh yes! The price matters a lot. Personally I don`t care that much, but I can see the change in my classmates` faces, when I wear a Gucci bag instead of one from Zara.

The Fashion Crowd logoDo you always receive expensive clothing as presents, or do you also save up and spend your pocket money on them?

Regitze icon My parents do not give me that much pocket money; I have a job to be able to buy some things for myself. Speaking of confirmation, it really is a very big thing in Denmark, so you get huge presents for it. For some girls, it’s like their mini-wedding.

The Fashion Crowd logoIf you could buy anything from any brand right now, what would it be?

Regitze icon That`s very hard. I really like Isabel Marant’s style. It is very feminine and bohemian, but I also love how Gucci recently changed towards a younger audience. If I had all the money in the world, I would go for a Chanel bag, but if I had to be more discrete, I would choose an outfit by Isabel Marant.

coffee urban life

Frankly speaking, it was a pure pleasure talking to Regitze and writing our Generation Z profile. It’s amazing to see how young people have such a clear idea of what they want and are making their way to that spot – or at least Regitze does. Also, it was exciting for me to find out that certain things has changed drastically, since I was Regitze`s age (and I’m only 21!), but others are just the same. Thank you, Regitze, for telling us your story. We look forward to following you conquering the world.

Follow Regitze on Facebook and Instagram and see her modelling profile here.

Photos by Thomas Dohn.

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