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Happy Fashion New Year – Editor’s Letter

Happy Fashion New year

Writing this, I’m sitting on a hotel balcony in Cape Town looking at the beautiful sea. I’m normally a big fan of the Working-from-The-Global-Office lifestyle (read more about that here), but for once I’m actually on a real and relaxing holiday. While overlooking the sea, I’m thinking about the year that passed, and the year that is in front of us. This is one of the many reasons, why this time of the year is indeed so special: it’s a moment of reflection about past and future plans, dreams, but also fears, and the important matters in our lives are all up for this annual weighting of things. Happy Fashion New Year!

In the fashion industry, it was a year with many changes. Notorious Creative Directors took on positions with new brands, and industry professionals made the first moves to changing how fashion is presented and to whom (read more about that here). Problems that have long been obvious to everyone are finally being addressed, as social media has had a huge impact on our industry. There’s a desire and urgency to come up with new ideas, and success will belong to those, who are wiling to take a chance – even if it’s risky – and who will have the right intuitions in being able to offer customers something new and fresh, while also being beneficial for the industry. Key words: Willingness to Change/Flexibility & New Ideas.

For The Fashion Crowd, it was a year with great success. The project itself finally saw the light of day, and great people gathered around it and contributed creating real value for the readers. The feedback we received so far is extremely positive, and though the final goal is light years away, we are confident of being on the right track. Our vision of creating a global network for the next generation in fashion design is used as guiding star, and with this in mind we make big, ambitious plans of the next steps to take, while also working daily on our simple to-do list. Key words: Passion & Perseverance.

On a personal level, I have just one New Year’s Resolution. Quite simply it is to recognise what truly matters to me, having the courage to follow these dreams without fear, and doing my very best. A life is full of things we would like to do, or we are flattered to do, and this is very confusing when trying to figure out the essence of what it’s really all about. If you add fear and doubt in ourselves, as well as habit of how things ‘have always been’, it can be almost impossible to figure out what our real goals are. When we don’t pursue our truest dreams, it’s rarely because of external limitations, but simply because we don’t see clearly. Key words: Clarity & being Fearless.

2016 – let’s make it a good one. Happy Fashion New Year.

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