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Haveney; a new fashion brand

New fashion brand Haveney

I have previously written about the new fashion brand Haveney, and the designer behind Laetitia Rossazza (read more about that here). Based in Marseille, and not one of the big fashion capitals, it’s interesting to experience a designer – perhaps not exactly growing up in the middle of lavender and big ships with cargo – but still in some way living a different experience with less Fondazione Prada and MMM. At least, I find it very interesting to see what designers growing up with different aspirations have to offer to the international fashion system.

Haveney fashion collection

Since I saw her fashion show at MC Fashion Week, she has been busy with her future pop-up store, which will open in September in Marseille, in the biggest commercial centre in the region. The concept of the store is having different brands based on the theme of beauty. The entire collection will be for sale, and prior to this, there were lots of preparation, production, and PR.

She also had to work on the ‘after show’ with publishing the best photos and videos, as an important part of the PR of the brand, as well as updating the webpage. This year there’s no time for holiday, as she’s also working on the possibility of showing in New York in September, but she still had time to do an interview with The Fashion Crowd. Read below what she has to say about being French and finding her path in life.

Haveney fashion collection

The Fashion Crowd icon When and why did you decide to be a designer?

Haveney icon Since childhood, I was fascinated by the world of fashion – especially since high school, where I was already designing dresses. After high school, it was time for me to choose the direction of my future studies, and I thought “Why not me?” Why should I not be able to undertake studies in the field of fashion? I really wanted to learn how to develop and implement the ideas that I had in my mind.

After starting the studies, I realized this was exactly, what I wanted to do. It’s more than a job; it’s a passion. I could develop myself and find my own style.

After graduating, I again asked myself “Why not me?” Why should I not be able to realize my dream of starting my own clothing brand? So that’s what I’ve done 🙂

The Fashion Crowd icon What’s your inspiration, when you design?

Haveney icon My main inspiration is minimalist art and design, which explains my choice of colours: black and white. The necklines are inspired by different geometric shapes, but I also get inspired by women around me. I always listen to their needs and think of a way to make them feel beautiful and eye-catching.

The Fashion Crowd icon How do you interpret being French in your designs?

Haveney icon I would say mainly with my reinterpretation of the little black dress, created by Coco Chanel, that I made in white too. For me, it’s a timeless symbol of the French fashion. It can be revisited endlessly, and it’s a must-have in the wardrobe of a woman.

The Fashion Crowd icon What’s the best thing about your job?

Haveney icon Being independent is something that I love about my work. But I think, the best thing is to imagine a design, draw it, and make it come to reality. There is nothing better for me than to turn an idea into a real product.

Haveney fashion collection

The Fashion Crowd icon What’s your big dream?

Haveney icon My biggest dream is to manage to live from my passion all my life.
I really want to be in this environment, and hope that my brand develops into a recognized, French brand with several shops. This is, what I wish above all. We’ll see what fate holds for me, but I intend to do everything to make it happen 🙂

Check out new fashion brand  Haveney here.

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