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Illustrator Gloglo on her Fashion Summer Holiday

Fashion summer holiday

What our lovely illustrator Gloglo has to say on the topic of how to spend her fashion summer holiday:

This is the summer, I have most been looking forward to ever! I have just finished my last year of Fashion Design studies, and I’ve had to work very hard and make a good final project.

Although now I feel nostalgic and tired, I also feel very happy, because I finally finished, and I am very satisfied with myself. Now it’s time to relax!

To be honest, I never usually plan my vacation. I prefer to get carried away and improvise, as I think, it is more exciting. My philosophy for the perfect vacation is slow-flow life. During the rest of the year, we endure a stressed everyday life with many obligations and always running around. Therefore holiday is our time to press the pause button.

Even though I don’t have a plan yet, there are many things I like to do. It’s nothing special, but just simple things that make me feel very good.

Swimming in the sea and drying on my warm towel. Diving in the pool and seeing the deep blue of the bottom. Eating watermelon at all hours or just a lot of chocolate and mint ice cream; that’s my favourite! Dinner with my family on a terrace near the beach, while I’m watching the sun slowly hiding behind the sea. Sharing a mojito with my group of friends. Going to the amusement park like when I was a child or watching a movie at midnight. There are so many things, it never ends!

But yet I can’t stop doing productive things during my holidays. So I do small projects – all just for fun. My first plan is to learn to play the ukulele. For a long long time, I wanted to learn to play an instrument, and I think that the ukulele is very cute.

My next plan would be to draw my illustrations on bigger paper or canvas, because I always draw small formats, so that would be something new. My ultimate plan would be to make my own textile prints. I would like to paint directly on the fabric, and then sew the fabric into garments. That would be so cool.

This fashion summer holiday, I really hope to be filled with energy and a good vibe, because when the summer ends, I will begin a new and exciting phase of my life, and I think that with a good attitude beginnings are easier.

Illustration by Gloglo Garcia.

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