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Innovative Fashion Show Invitations

Innovative fashion show invitations

Why are most fashion show invitations printed in hard copy (unsustainable) and sent out by mail (old-school)? Alas, in these email days – and you do also receive many invitations by email – it is indeed elegant and something extra to receive a beautiful envelope in thick paper, with an elegant handwriting spelling out your name and a beautiful card inside. But there can be many other ways much more surprising of how to invite guests and intrigue them with new, surprising ways. Ways that will make just that invite stand out, and that will make you go ‘wauw’. In our information age, where we’re constantly being bombarded with impressions, this is the effect we’re after, because it will make us be remembered – maybe not for long, as competition is tough, but at least for a while.

Check out this video below for innovative inspiration and see what you think:

Do we have to say more? Great, ah?

The brand Ksenia Schnaider is from the cool and trendy Kiev, and they have always had focus on technology. Previously, they made an app that allowed you to print their signature camouflage print on items, and this was a lot of fun too. So their new invitation is totally aligned with their brand identity of fun&tech. Always pushing the limits and thinking out of the box are ways to set new standards and reach new heights. It’s also a way of guaranteeing that things will never be boring and repetitive. Today, that is crucial.

Another interesting thing is to notice that innovative fashion show invitations and ideas in general will not always come from the big fashion houses with the big budgets, but also from rather small brands, where experimentation and play are more easily done without a big, bureaucratic machines that have to monitor everything. The fashion industry isn’t an easy one, but today creatives have ways of expressing themselves and platforms to show their work that will allow all players to compete on talent and great ideas rather than budget.

Looking forward to Ksenia Schnaider’s FW16 collection.

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