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Fashion Collection Inspiration

Fashion collection inspiration

When you start working as a fashion designer, understanding how to start a research and deciding on your fashion collection inspiration can be one of the hardest things to gauge and get started with. The thing is you can be inspired by anything, which is not really any help, when you still don’t know how to go about it. But, when you start having a feel about, what’s going on in the fashion world (read more about that here), and trust your intuition, you have a pretty good chance of doing something cool and worthwhile. Later a lot of the work, you will do, will feel like something that’s coming from deep within and just has to get out.

One way of getting started with understanding how other designers go about their research is comprehending, what they have actually been inspired by; their fashion collection inspiration. This is not always easy, when you see the end result, as many, perhaps even most fashion collections are puzzled together by plenty different snippets of inspiration. It’s rather common today to create complex moods, where different styles are merged into one another for a new and fresh outcome. Most themes have been interpreted so many times that unless you mix rather unseemly possible things together, the end result will not feel fresh. Decoding a mix of ‘Clockwork Orange meets Art Deco seen though the eyes of David Hockney’ is most of the time a result that’s impossible to get to unless someone told you.

Fashion show review

In this case, reviews of fashion shows during fashion week offer a great possibility of understanding, what went on in the minds of the designers, as most reviews will start with a short introduction about, what the designer was inspired about. It’s always quite nice to read, as it will make you see the collection in a different light, and also offer a view into the creative mind behind. Many designers mention places they travelled to, books they came across, a longing for nature, feminism etc.. offers review on all big brands and many smaller, and in can found under ‘Review’ for the designer in question. The inspiration is sometimes evident in the collection and sometimes more subtle.

Another way to go about it is to check out the collection first and try to decode the inspiration. Working in this reversed way is almost like a fashion quiz, and the fun will be to see of course how close you get, but also who is most crazy: you or the designer 🙂

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