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November Fashion Fun: Fashion Emojis

Fashion Emojis

Last month, we started our Monthly Fashion Fun with a fashion quiz of illustrated runway looks from ss17 that we posted on Instagram. It was such a big success – and so much fun – that we have decided to carry on with the concept of monthly projects. They will be outlets of pure creativity, and though it’s not directly connected to creating a fashion collection or trend forecasting (our main focuses in here), it’s still a very good way to exercise the creative muscles. Understanding and mastering fashion in a broader sense than just creating clothes and accessories is very helpful and also necessary today.

November’s Fashion Fun will be Fashion Emojis, as everyone loves emojis, as a fresh way of brighten up any text message and making the meaning clearer – with the use of a little, yellow fellow with dark sunglasses, for instance (my personal favourite). But hey; I also do love sunglasses! I’m so Karl 🙂

We have only just done our first entry, as this is still early November, but we look forward to doing many more. Check out what we do here and join the fun and fresh fashion vibes by tapping into our global community through our #thefashioncrowd hashtag or by tagging us for a repost on our Instagram profile. Most things are more fun, when you don’t do them alone.

Pink fashion flower

We have so many ideas, of what we want to do with our Fashion Emojis project, so stay tuned for the next generation of fashionable little figures. Then we just have to wait for the day, when we can actively use them across platforms and actually choose, if you’re feeling more ‘Freakin’ Fashionable’, ‘Black from Head to Toe’ or ‘Nothing to wear Today Again’. Sending a text message just got a whole new meaning.

Bring on the Fashion Emojis!



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