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September – Editor’s Letter

Victoria Beckham ss17

Welcome back!

After a long summer, we’re delighted to welcoming you back to The Fashion Crowd. Anastasiya, Gloria and myself have all spent a relaxing summer, while also working hard on tailoring a slightly different website with a slightly different experience.

You will see, how we have arranged much of the most important information on a page called Useful Information, so it will always be handy to get at, while also structuring our Community in a more comprehensive way. We’re here to engage on Instagram, our preferred way of sharing visual content with our global network, through a series of hashtags allowing us to Connect-Share-Engage. Have a look at it here.

Furthermore, we have put a Q&A page in place, as our project was always based on a vision of being a ‘place-to-go’ for young fashion designers. It’s a completely new initiative, and we’re eager to see, if it will be successful and valuable with our readers.

But – enough about us. It’s September, the summer is over, and fashion week is here! It’s one of the two most exciting times a year (the other being February – for obvious reasons), and we’re already busy following the fashion shows rolling out one after the other from New York Fashion Week. It’s the moment to take a close look at what’s being proposed from the world’s biggest designers and reflect on – as Trend Forecasters and Design Professionals – where that will take us in the future.

After much turbulence in the beginning of the year (read more about that here), it seems that desires for changes have been put into thought-through initiatives, and we’re all here – designers and consumers – to try a new model. It’s too early to say that the year is coming to en end, but with summer well behind, we can tap into autumn focusing on rounding 2016 well up and indulging in a long, wonderful month of fashion shows.

Let’s make it a fashionable last 4 months!

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Photo is of Victoria Beckham SS17.

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