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Sikh-chic with Jeetinder Sandhu

sikh-chic with Jeetinder Sandhu

Interesting things often happen when you take two apparently contradicting things and, in equal parts, mix them together. This was also the case, when New Delhi met London, and out came sikh-chic with Jeetinder Sandhu.

A lot of good things can be said about him. The first that comes to my mind, is that nobody in the whole world looks as good with Aviator sunglasses on as him. Have a look at his photo at the top – not hard to imagine, right? Then add a hand-carrier man bag with his super designs. Voilà.

The second good thing is that he was the one, who, in persona, convinced me that men can look good in slim tracksuits made partly of chiffon (in black, of course). For someone with a European aesthetics (myself) that can feel rather… Well, intense. That was until I met Jee. Always challenge the rules – and your teacher.

Jeetinder Sandhu fashion collection

On a more serious notion, Jee was one of the participants in London Graduate Fashion Week 2013, who got most press because of his strong, fun and vibrant designs. You simply cannot not love them. The first photo Stefan Siegel from Not Just a Label made and posted on Instagram, when seeing the Marangoni London graduate collection 2013 was of, guess who, Jeetinder Sandhu.

This is of course already a long time ago, and meanwhile Jee has established his own menswear brand in New Delhi. Handmade accessories have been added to the collections, and he now offers a total look of high quality and strong personality. Jeetinder delivers worldwide, as he knows his designs will appeal to an international client, who is, living in a big city, used the metamorphosis of cultures and street style appeal.

LSD shoes by Jeetinder Sandhu

One of the great things about fashion is, how classic, casual and trendy live happily side-by-side, and how the world would feel empty without one of them. Where they meet, is called personal style, and, just like Jee himself, the sikh-chic LSD brand should be mixed with both classic and casual items. The result will be a really unique, street style, and this takes me back to the Aviators from the first paragraph. It all depends, on what you put together, and how you pull it off, but one thing is sure; buying into the Sandhu look, is for strong-willed personas. That is exactly, why I love it.

A new shoe collection is out in July and will be presented at Berlin fashion week. Meanwhile, you can follow Jeetinder Sandhu here.

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