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Diversity in fashion - Balenciaga aw16

Diversity in fashion

The Balenciaga show took place during Paris Fashion Week a little bit more than a week ago, but some people discussed not only the collection itself, but also the fact that Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga`s new Creative Director and the co-founder of Vetements, chose no black models for the show. I read such comments on Facebook and heard a couple more outside of the online world. It made me reflect a lot and, as a result, we wanted to join the debate on diversity in fashion. Demna Gvasalia First of all, why is the issue about “no black models” only? Are there no models of other skin colour and national origin? There are so many, and I bet that among every nation, there are girls, who dream of becoming models, which is great, and we should do our best to make an environment, where it is possible, as well as setting a standard, where different races is ‘The new Normal’. I was grateful for Waris Ahluwalia`s interview in Dazed, in general, but especially the following part, …

Personal view on fashion - Sanlitun shopping Beijing

A personal view on Fashion

In a previous post, Hongzhan He told about himself. Below he discusses his personal view on fashion.  How would you describe Fashion and the Fashion World today?  Fashion nowadays has become a highly organized industry, and it has become more difficult to succeed as a legendary designer. In the past, a fashion could influence the taste for a decade or even more. My personal view on fashion is that I am not so happy with what I see in the fashion world today. It is obvious that fashion became more democratic thanks to our times, when the general people took the role of old opinion leaders; yet, it is also sad that fashion houses (especially the big ones) tend to become all the same by catering to the taste of mass market, while maximizing the sales and profit but with no real values. I think, sometimes they made vulgar stuffs. On the other hand, though, the segmented market seeks for more independent voices to represent various kinds of aesthetic preferences, and this is where independent designers find …

how to get an internship or job in fashion

How to get an internship or job in fashion

It’s summer holiday – or with other words; time off from school or work. It’s also the time of the year, where students look for an internship, newly graduates for their first job or placement, or if you already work and just wish to change job, for the next opportunity. With more time than normally to think about your career and future in fashion, right now is a good time to make plans and consider your next step in how to get an internship or job in fashion. The other day I spoke to a young fashion designer from Israel, who recently moved to Switzerland, and she asked me how to get an internship or job in fashion. Normally this is something your previous school will help you with, if they have a Career Service department, but if you have moved to a different place, where your previous institution isn’t well-connected, you’re on your own. Other times, your university may not have luck in finding you a placement, or it doesn’t happen quickly enough for your …