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Fashionable feminism

Fashionable Feminism

The recent Christian Dior collection ss17 – with the newly appointed Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri – were not only beautiful looks from one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands; there was also an important message among of fashionable feminism. While the word ‘feminism’ was first coined some 150 years ago, the battle has continues since then, but with women having achieved, if not all then at least many of the same rights as men, at least in the modern Western world, the word has somehow lost its appeal. While it essentially means ‘equal rights’ (and who can not agree to that?), it’s almost as there’s something too hippie and carnal about the word that doesn’t go well with our polished world, where things look best when having been given a filter and are being observed on the latest smart phone at a safe distance. The bra says it all. We all wear it; young girls to elderly women regardless of nationality, age and social status – everywhere. It’s a reaction to the more …

Types of Fashion Trends

Trend Forecasting Part 2

Types of Fashion Trends and the Fashion Life Cycle Sometimes in fashion a certain look, colour or print is hot and bam! – then it’s not. But what makes one trend last and evolve, when another trend, a FAD, seems to vanish into thin air without ever really becoming something cool? In Part 1, we looked at what Trends are and the Fashion Life Cycle. In this post we will explore where Fashion Trends sit with Micro, Macro and Mega Trends – the different types of fashion trends – as well as discussing how to recognize the signs of an emerging trend. You may have sometimes heard people talk about macro trends or even mega trends. As you have macro and mega – you logically also have mini, though nobody seem to call them this. They’re merely called trends, especially in fashion. Micro trends lasts approx. 1–2 years time, and this is here fashion trends usually reside. Macro trends tend to last about 5-10 years, and here we could be talking about things like fitness …

you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce

You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce

‘You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce’. The statement was written with a simple black pen, and without any attention to layout or graphic appeal. Around it were three more comments, and judging by the message and colour of the pen; written by other people. Those comments were about how privileged and supported Beyonce has always been by her mother, father and plenty of housekeepers. The point to be made here was, how lucky and privileged Beyonce is. As you probably realize, these are the exact opposite points of view. What I would like to emphasize is not the justification of her success thanks to other people that more than one person evidently had felt like making, but the message in the original statement. Because no matter how you turn it around, and what excuses you find, we all have just as much time as Beyonce. Therefore, if she could obtain great success, so could we potentially. This is exactly why many are provoked about the message. Because we realize that we …