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London fashion week ss17 street style

London Fashion Week ss17

London Fashion Week ss17 is over, and it has for sure been a rich experience! As we always do, we collected the looks that stood most out to us on Pinterest (check it out here) in order to sort out what inspired us. Later, when all the fashion weeks are over, we will run over it again and use it for our trend forecasting. For now, it’s just fashionable indulgence. We have previously argued that it’s important to form ones own ideas, as it’s otherwise easy to be influenced by other peoples’ opinions. The reason is that fashion is socially contextualised, and therefore we all experience fashion differently. There are no right or wrong – though there are general opinions prevailing – and at the end of the day it’s all just very subjective. This can be good to remember, when we hear various opinions pointing in east and west and don’t know what to think. Vogue praised the best 10 shows of London Fashion Week ss17 and – among others – mentioned Christopher Kane, one …

wonderful fashion illustration

Wonderful Fashion illustration – one love

Fashion illustration. Try to Google it and see what happens. Amazing, right? Wonderful, wonderful fashion illustration. The image featured above is from a book about Christian Dior, one of the greatest and most celebrated couturiers that ever lived. Dior had a great line, and did beautiful drawings, but over the years, he also developed a close working relationship with René Gruau, who’s the artist behind the featured image. The reason for this was that Gruau was an extremely talented illustrator, and when he put pen and colours to paper, something magical happened. His women are flirty, sensual, elegant, coquettish and sometimes shy – all things that Dior’s women were too. I saw Gruau’s exhibition in Somerset House in London. I tried not to cry. Fashion illustration is a very personal thing, and I never met a passionate fashion designer, who didn’t feel strongly about his own illustrations. It’s not always that a designer loves his own illustration style, but it’s always something that transmits emotion. It’s a kind of relationship between you and the drawing …