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Personal view on fashion - Sanlitun shopping Beijing

A personal view on Fashion

In a previous post, Hongzhan He told about himself. Below he discusses his personal view on fashion.  How would you describe Fashion and the Fashion World today?  Fashion nowadays has become a highly organized industry, and it has become more difficult to succeed as a legendary designer. In the past, a fashion could influence the taste for a decade or even more. My personal view on fashion is that I am not so happy with what I see in the fashion world today. It is obvious that fashion became more democratic thanks to our times, when the general people took the role of old opinion leaders; yet, it is also sad that fashion houses (especially the big ones) tend to become all the same by catering to the taste of mass market, while maximizing the sales and profit but with no real values. I think, sometimes they made vulgar stuffs. On the other hand, though, the segmented market seeks for more independent voices to represent various kinds of aesthetic preferences, and this is where independent designers find …

Becoming an accessory designer - Hongzhan He

Becoming an Accessory Designer

My name is Hongzhan, and I am 24 years old and from Hunan, China. I live and study Accessory Design in Milan, and before coming here, I already completed a bachelor degree in Beijing, majoring in English. After my BA degree, though, I realized that I have no interest in a safe and repetitive job like teaching or translating, and I decided to try something totally different. So far, and at the beginning of my 3rd year in Accessory Design, I am totally content and grateful for this decision of becoming an Accessory Designer. Sometimes I feel, I was destined to choose this career. I grew up in a small town located in central southern China, where people live in a traditional way and barely have any comprehension about fashion. My grandfather was one of the best shoemakers in town, and he educated my father and my uncle with his experience and skill. Unfortunately he passed away, before I was born, and I never had the chance to meet him. My dad, after failing with …

Studying fashion design abroad - Nanjing Road Shanghai

Studying Fashion Design abroad

I’ve often been met with the question from future students in Fashion Design, of what was the best city for studying fashion design abroad. To this, there’s of course not one right answer. I can tell you about my own experience. When I was young, I chose to study in Milano. Being from Copenhagen (Denmark), to me Milano was everything, Copenhagen wasn’t; it was warm, glamourous, exuberant, elegant, and a freaking lot of fun. This, to me, when I was 19 years old, was very inspiring (and actually still is). Probably it was closer to my natural style and persona, and therefore I was vey attracted to it. For me, studying fashion design abroad in Milano was one of the best choices, I’ve made in my life. I just loved the place, and it was the beginning of a long and happy career in fashion. Therefore, based on my own experience, I would always advice people to study, where they feel inspired and can relate to the place, its people, and lifestyle. It has to …