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Danish fashion designer Stasia ss17

Danish fashion designer Stasia

One of the very bright stars on the fashion sky is Danish fashion designer Stasia. She has been around forever, which is perhaps the one key metric in measuring the success of fashion designers in an industry, where new brands see the light of day all the time, and disappear just as quickly. The longevity speaks of popularity with the customers, ability of running a business, but also what this article is going to focus on; a thorough love and passion for creating amazing products. The reason, that we at The Fashion Crowd love Stasia, is – a part from being most of us dress girls, and then it’s hard not to fall in love – because the love for fashion is evident in every choice of fabric, every colour combination, every detail and every cut. How we see it, this is fashion poetry, almost like an ode. And this is exactly what so much fashion is missing today in a fast-paced million-dollar industry. Needless to say, this is also one of the many reasons, …