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how to get an internship or job in fashion

How to get an internship or job in fashion

It’s summer holiday – or with other words; time off from school or work. It’s also the time of the year, where students look for an internship, newly graduates for their first job or placement, or if you already work and just wish to change job, for the next opportunity. With more time than normally to think about your career and future in fashion, right now is a good time to make plans and consider your next step in how to get an internship or job in fashion. The other day I spoke to a young fashion designer from Israel, who recently moved to Switzerland, and she asked me how to get an internship or job in fashion. Normally this is something your previous school will help you with, if they have a Career Service department, but if you have moved to a different place, where your previous institution isn’t well-connected, you’re on your own. Other times, your university may not have luck in finding you a placement, or it doesn’t happen quickly enough for your …

writing a CV for fashion

Writing a CV for fashion

A CV is an abbreviation for Curriculum Vitae, and is submitted to work places together with a cover letter (or covering letter or application), when you’re interested in a placement. A CV (or resume) is a brief summery with some details about yourself, together with a chronological list, of what you’ve done in your life, in regards to education, work and other achievements. So what are the important things to keep in mind, when writing a CV for fashion? I don’t think, it’s ever too early writing your CV, as it means being serious about your career. I remember some students thinking, it would be a bit silly writing a CV for fashion after just one year in university, as there was hardly anything to write. This I can understand, but I would still recommend it for the following two reasons: first of all, it’s the usual document you hand in, if you look for an internship or other collaboration, and secondly, as a young person and perhaps a student, nobody expects you to have …

How to get an internship in fashion

How to get an internship in fashion

Internships, stages, work experiences – different words for the same thing: working while you’re still studying, or when you have just graduated. So when is the time to get your first internship? Now. When is it too early to get your first working experience? Never. When are you experienced enough to have something to offer? Always. How to get an internship in fashion? Read on and start looking for it. I will never cease to repeat just how important, I think it is to transfer the knowledge you have from the classroom into real life. And I don’t think it’s ever too early to start. I have taught a lot of 1st year Fashion Design students – some as young as 17 years – and what I recommended all of them to do in the summer holiday was to go looking for a working experience. Because the ones, who did, returned after the holidays as different people. Gone were the young and unprepared kids – back were the fashion designers of the future with new …