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Generation Z profile

Generation Z profile: Regitze, Copenhagen.

We have previously published an article about Generation Z; their choices and interests especially in relation to fashion. Today we share our first Generation Z profile, a conversation with a teenager, who kindly agreed to share her thoughts on life, fashion and career plans. So, Regitze is 14 years old and lives in Copenhagen. Her main activity is, of course, going to school, but there’s a lot to her than that. Education and work Tell us a little bit about yourself.  I dance, model and work at a cake shop. When I grow up, I want to become a successful model or a stylist. I have been interested in fashion as long, as I can remember. Even as a kid, it was extremely important for me to wear what I preferred, and what I thought was cool (sounds familiar, right?). So it seems like it has always been there, but it`s pretty new that I realized that I can have a career in fashion. What do your parents think about your interest in modeling and …

In fashion you never stop learning

In Fashion you never stop learning

When I speak about education and learning, I don’t take for granted that you’re very young, and still need to require basic skills in the given area. Quite on the contrary, actually, I assume that you’re a smart person, who, regardless of age and skill set, is eager to learn new things or keep yourself up-to-date. This is an all-together different type of person compared to a Freshman, because in fashion you never stop learning. Therefore learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills shouldn’t be considered some sort of lack in our professional preparation, but rather our fighter instinct and passion shining through, and driving us towards new goals. And, contrary to the idea that some day, you will ‘know the necessary stuff’, life is teaching us a lesson (in the true sense of the word), as different phases in our lives call for different abolities to handle them. While we’re still children, we forced to make some choices about what subjects to study at school. Later, this turns into an existentialistic choice about the …

What is great fashion education

What is great Fashion Education?

In my life as a Tutor and Programme Leader in Fashion Design, I’ve often been asked the question of how important a good education actually is. I have only one answer to that: very! But what is great fashion education? What should you look for? A good fashion school will prepare you with the necessary skills, knowledge and working processes, which you will use when you start working. It will be structured in a way, where each brick being laid builds on top of the previous one according to the level you’re at. At the beginning it will most likely start with some basic drawing and easy pattern cutting, and towards the end culminate in your own fashion collection presented as a portfolio or fashion show. This is relatively standard, and I reckon that most schools – regardless of the quality – will have structured their course this way. But this is also where the similarities end, and below are written 5 key points to answer the question of what is great fashion education. They …