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Copenhagen fashion summit 2016

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016

If you have never heard about Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016, today will be the first day in the rest of your life. Before I get started, check it out here: Copenhagen Fashion Summit. As HRH Princess Mary of Denmark said, it’s the “Davos for fashion.” Cool. It’s the no. 1 event in the world about fashion and sustainability. Not no. 2 and not no. 3, but number freaking 1. I’m not saying this to brag, and eventually it doesn’t really matter, but what matters is that there was such a string of exceptional speakers and such a good energy – all rounded up by brilliant and visionary Eva Kruse, who spoke about creating a movement. The reason this is of huge importance is because the fashion industry is the second most polluting business in the world, only surpassed by the oil industry. And it matters, as no one speaks about it – at least not in fashion – as it doesn’t go very well with the whole ‘selling a dream’ and ‘expressing your personality’ which …