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Fashion design competition Designers Nest 2015

Participating in Designers Nest

Katharina Schmalz is a 33-year-old designer (read more about her here), who in February 2016 participated in Designers Nest (DN), a fashion design competition for new talent during Copenhagen Fashion Week. We noticed her beautiful and strong work, and decided to meet Katharina and investigate her motivations for being in the design competition. Why did you choose to participate in DN, and how did you enter?  When you are enrolled in a Nordic Design School, this competition is in everyone’s lips. I also know some fellow students, who partook in the competition last year. It’s a professional and international platform for talented Nordic design graduates from the most famous design schools in Scandinavia. It’s a fashion show where all participants could show 3 outfits of their collection. The winner receives a cash prize of 50.000,00 DKK. Tell us about the process.  My tutor Nadine Mollenkamp, Head of the Fashion Department at Designskolen Kolding, selected three people from my school for the competition. Luckily I was one of them. The competition always takes place during Copenhagen …

How to win a fashion competition

How to win a fashion competition

Last week, we published an article about new talent fashion competitions (read more about that here). It’s an opportunity that’s hugely popular among young people, as it’s a way to get network, feedback, PR, and if you win; recognition, a prize, and perhaps also mentoring. The people taking home the prizes are the ones with the best collections, but what describes the best collections? Read on about how to win a fashion competition. There is an immense amount of learning to be gained from participating in a fashion competition, and this is regardless of how far you are allowed. Most competitions have requirements, about what work is expected to be handed in, and often the requirements don’t differ majorly. Often there’s a brief, which should be the starting point for your inspiration, and then instructions as to how to present your work, e.g. 2-5 fashion illustrations, technical drawings, material chart, moodboard, a short description of the collection, and your CV. You can use the work later in your portfolio, which should in any case be …

New fashion designers from Georgia - Keti Chkhikvadze

New fashion designers from Georgia

Do you remember how important Japan was to fashion in the 1980s? Well, perhaps you don’t, as maybe you weren’t born yet, but then there’s a chance that you have read about when Miyake, Kenzo, Yamamoto and Kawakubo placed Tokyo on the fashion map and inspired everyone from NYC to Milano. Right now, there’s a new movement of new fashion designers from Georgia, who are really shaking up the fashion world with different and fresh ideas. Since the 80s, fashion has flirted and briefly extracted inspiration from almost every possible corner of the world, but such a strong and persisting influence hasn’t been seen since then. Today new, upcoming designers emerge from everywhere, and good schools in the big fashion capitals train a lot of new talent every single season presented in prestigious fashion shows. Tamuna Ingorokva Not all, and not a lot of new designers will still be around in 10 years, as it’s limited how many new designers the world actually need and can foster. So where will the new talents come from …