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Challenge of fashion education - learning fashion

The Challenge of Fashion Education

The question if fashion education is failing young designers (read the latest post on the matter from NJAL here) is one that is of utmost interest to me. As a fashion designer and later fashion educator, I’ve seen both sides of the table as first a consumer/student and later as an implementer. As someone interested in our industry, and with an educational perspective and awareness of the future, few things come closer to my heart then the apparent challenge of fashion education. As many other dedicated people in fashion education, I’m also passionate about preparing the young generation in the best way. What ‘the best way is’ is centred around a very fundamental question; should a fashion designer have a broad skill set or a narrow one? Or with other words; be a specialist and excel in fashion design or a generalist and excel in also business, marketing and social media? We’re all very aware of what a fashion designer was in ‘the old days’; that was definitely a specialist, and we have a very …

New in fashion education

What’s new in Fashion Education?

People who follow The Fashion Crowd (TFC) on Twitter will know that – among other topics – there’s a strong focus on Fashion Education. This is perhaps no surprise, as TFC rotates around education, young designers, who they are, and mentoring on how to make it in the industry. So what’s new in Fashion Education? What’s going on, and what do people talk about? The powerful fashion portal The Business of Fashion (BoF) lately published a survey about Fashion Design students in the UK. Whereas they were over-all happy with the education itself and the tutors, many felt that Career Service was letting them down, and that they didn’t have enough training in business to enter the professional world and make it there. The post was the introduction to launching some free courses in business, marketing etc. by BoF, which are structured in a comprehensive way and come in the form of concise and comprehensive articles. Because the thing is that online education is a boiling hot topic that many people have started looking into either …

Studying fashion design abroad - Nanjing Road Shanghai

Studying Fashion Design abroad

I’ve often been met with the question from future students in Fashion Design, of what was the best city for studying fashion design abroad. To this, there’s of course not one right answer. I can tell you about my own experience. When I was young, I chose to study in Milano. Being from Copenhagen (Denmark), to me Milano was everything, Copenhagen wasn’t; it was warm, glamourous, exuberant, elegant, and a freaking lot of fun. This, to me, when I was 19 years old, was very inspiring (and actually still is). Probably it was closer to my natural style and persona, and therefore I was vey attracted to it. For me, studying fashion design abroad in Milano was one of the best choices, I’ve made in my life. I just loved the place, and it was the beginning of a long and happy career in fashion. Therefore, based on my own experience, I would always advice people to study, where they feel inspired and can relate to the place, its people, and lifestyle. It has to …