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Fashion summer holiday

Illustrator Gloglo on her Fashion Summer Holiday

What our lovely illustrator Gloglo has to say on the topic of how to spend her fashion summer holiday: This is the summer, I have most been looking forward to ever! I have just finished my last year of Fashion Design studies, and I’ve had to work very hard and make a good final project. Although now I feel nostalgic and tired, I also feel very happy, because I finally finished, and I am very satisfied with myself. Now it’s time to relax! To be honest, I never usually plan my vacation. I prefer to get carried away and improvise, as I think, it is more exciting. My philosophy for the perfect vacation is slow-flow life. During the rest of the year, we endure a stressed everyday life with many obligations and always running around. Therefore holiday is our time to press the pause button. Even though I don’t have a plan yet, there are many things I like to do. It’s nothing special, but just simple things that make me feel very good. Swimming …

Fashion illustrator Gloglo Garcia

Fashion Illustrator Gloglo Garcia

Fashion illustrator Gloglo Garcia is 25-years-old and based in Jerez, Spain. Originally from Huelva, she moved to Sevilla after high school to pursue a career as fashion illustrator, and she studied Fine Arts in Sevilla University. She’s currently enrolled in Art School Jerez, where she’s studying Fashion Design. We came across Gloria on Instagram, and fell completely in love with her fresh and spontaneous drawing style. It can be hard sometimes to say, what a good illustration or drawing style is, but you know it instantly, when you see it. I believe, it can best be described as something fresh, strong, personal, and where you can feel the passion behind. As Gloria also points out below, her best drawings are, when she draws for fun. The five years, I worked as a fashion design tutor, and the endless amount of fashion work, I have seen outside the school, I believe you can always see in creative work, when the creator was utterly in love with the project at hand. It’s a bit like being in …

wonderful fashion illustration

Wonderful Fashion illustration – one love

Fashion illustration. Try to Google it and see what happens. Amazing, right? Wonderful, wonderful fashion illustration. The image featured above is from a book about Christian Dior, one of the greatest and most celebrated couturiers that ever lived. Dior had a great line, and did beautiful drawings, but over the years, he also developed a close working relationship with René Gruau, who’s the artist behind the featured image. The reason for this was that Gruau was an extremely talented illustrator, and when he put pen and colours to paper, something magical happened. His women are flirty, sensual, elegant, coquettish and sometimes shy – all things that Dior’s women were too. I saw Gruau’s exhibition in Somerset House in London. I tried not to cry. Fashion illustration is a very personal thing, and I never met a passionate fashion designer, who didn’t feel strongly about his own illustrations. It’s not always that a designer loves his own illustration style, but it’s always something that transmits emotion. It’s a kind of relationship between you and the drawing …