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Innovative fashion show invitations

Innovative Fashion Show Invitations

Why are most fashion show invitations printed in hard copy (unsustainable) and sent out by mail (old-school)? Alas, in these email days – and you do also receive many invitations by email – it is indeed elegant and something extra to receive a beautiful envelope in thick paper, with an elegant handwriting spelling out your name and a beautiful card inside. But there can be many other ways much more surprising of how to invite guests and intrigue them with new, surprising ways. Ways that will make just that invite stand out, and that will make you go ‘wauw’. In our information age, where we’re constantly being bombarded with impressions, this is the effect we’re after, because it will make us be remembered – maybe not for long, as competition is tough, but at least for a while. Check out this video below for innovative inspiration and see what you think: Do we have to say more? Great, ah? The brand Ksenia Schnaider is from the cool and trendy Kiev, and they have always had focus …

Monte Carlo fashion week

Monte Carlo Fashion Week ss16

From the 6-8th of July, Monte Carlo fashion week was held. I have previously written about the New Fashion Capitals (read more about that here), and I believe Monte Carlo is a very interesting place for people looking to set up a fashion brand, or simply show the collections. The thing with the established fashion capitals is that there are already so many great brands. Do you really feel that you have something to add to the Italian fashion scene? Well, at least, I don’t. On the other hand, though, I could see a lot of brands benefitting from showing during Monte Carlo Fashion Week, as well as the marketing opportunity of setting up the actual brand there. Because, no matter how you look at it, Monte Carlo has a fantastic brand value. The DNA is crystal clear, as it’s the epitome of French Rivera, glamour and The Good Life, and no matter how much people say they dislike Monaco, they’re still very curious about it. Therefore showcasing in Monte Carlo is a great way …

Writing fashion show reviews

Writing fashion show reviews

I have sometimes been sitting front row at fashion shows of upcoming designers with the purpose of writing fashion show reviews about the collection for various publications. It’s a different part of the process compared to being ‘work-in-progress’, which is where I’m normally involved either as a fashion tutor or fashion designer. The magic of the big culmination, the fashion show, is breathtaking, and the runway models pass fast one after the other. The attendees are concentrated though still enjoying themselves, as the catwalk models pass by quickly one after the other. Often there will be a short description about the collection and inspiration lying on your seat, and this will prepare you for the show. Having an idea about what you’re going to see together with some key words about the collection are helpful, when the show starts. Here you need to be alert in order to make photos for reference and perhaps writing down a few key words. This is useful for your fashion show reviews, but a part from the technical aspect …