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Fashion show trends ss17 - Thom Browne

Up-to-date with Fashion Show Trends ss17

It’s September! Fantastic, inspiring, surprising September – at least if you are into fashion. While a considerate amount of people follow the catwalk shows on pages like, and perhaps even share them on social media, while considering ‘could I wear that?’ (or afford that?), there’s another and more systematic and analytical task to do, if you actually study or work in fashion. That is analysing what you see, and extracting the information of inspiration and key fashion show trends ss17 that are important. Because every new season is a follow-up of the past season, which is again building on all the ones that came before. Understanding where fashion is coming from is one of the best ways to understanding, where it’s going. If you work in fashion, this is crucial for you to have a feeling about. So how to go about this analysis? I would recommend creating a folder on your desktop or alternatively a Board on Pinterest, where you can store all the looks, you find exciting. Perhaps Pinterest is a more …