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Happy Fashion New year

Happy Fashion New Year – Editor’s Letter

Writing this, I’m sitting on a hotel balcony in Cape Town looking at the beautiful sea. I’m normally a big fan of the Working-from-The-Global-Office lifestyle (read more about that here), but for once I’m actually on a real and relaxing holiday. While overlooking the sea, I’m thinking about the year that passed, and the year that is in front of us. This is one of the many reasons, why this time of the year is indeed so special: it’s a moment of reflection about past and future plans, dreams, but also fears, and the important matters in our lives are all up for this annual weighting of things. Happy Fashion New Year! In the fashion industry, it was a year with many changes. Notorious Creative Directors took on positions with new brands, and industry professionals made the first moves to changing how fashion is presented and to whom (read more about that here). Problems that have long been obvious to everyone are finally being addressed, as social media has had a huge impact on our …

Fashion journalist in Paris - Anastasiya Mozgovaya

A Fashion Journalist in Paris

So, what happens to me next? In the previous post of mine, I told you about the “before” part of my life, but what about “now” being a fashion journalist in Paris? When you are in university, as I was until recently, all you dream about is graduation. Right after finishing, it feels like you will be able to do whatever you want (meaning working twice as much and sleeping just as little), but when you do graduate, the reality slaps you in the face. There are some people, who are not ready for it at all, so they start panicking, but there are others, who just do things, no matter what. To be perfectly honest, I am a crazy combo of both. The biggest issue for graduates is to find a job, so I keep on telling everyone not to worry and that there is a suitable place for everyone, whereas in my own head, I sometimes imagine ending up as the biggest looser of all. I literally spend my whole life panicking, but …

In fashion you never stop learning

In Fashion you never stop learning

When I speak about education and learning, I don’t take for granted that you’re very young, and still need to require basic skills in the given area. Quite on the contrary, actually, I assume that you’re a smart person, who, regardless of age and skill set, is eager to learn new things or keep yourself up-to-date. This is an all-together different type of person compared to a Freshman, because in fashion you never stop learning. Therefore learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills shouldn’t be considered some sort of lack in our professional preparation, but rather our fighter instinct and passion shining through, and driving us towards new goals. And, contrary to the idea that some day, you will ‘know the necessary stuff’, life is teaching us a lesson (in the true sense of the word), as different phases in our lives call for different abolities to handle them. While we’re still children, we forced to make some choices about what subjects to study at school. Later, this turns into an existentialistic choice about the …