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Kiev fashion designers - Marianna Senchina aw16

Meet the new Kiev Fashion Designers

Just as Copenhagen Fashion Week took place last week – at the other side of Europe there was Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. Kiev has been doing remarkably well during the last couple of years in establishing itself as a fashion city and is quite a case study in how to enter the fashion scene of global importance among very strong players. Many things have to be in place, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the talent, and in this case; the Kiev fashion designers. I would like to start by saying that most shows in Kiev are organized in a slightly different manner than in the main fashion capitals. Most of them take place at the same venue for many reasons (both practical and financial), which is actually quite convenient,­­ as you do not have to go by car all the time and spend extra time in traffic. However, the truth is that every show or presentation that takes place in a unique location, offers a possibility for the designer to …

Fashion journalist in Paris - Anastasiya Mozgovaya

A Fashion Journalist in Paris

So, what happens to me next? In the previous post of mine, I told you about the “before” part of my life, but what about “now” being a fashion journalist in Paris? When you are in university, as I was until recently, all you dream about is graduation. Right after finishing, it feels like you will be able to do whatever you want (meaning working twice as much and sleeping just as little), but when you do graduate, the reality slaps you in the face. There are some people, who are not ready for it at all, so they start panicking, but there are others, who just do things, no matter what. To be perfectly honest, I am a crazy combo of both. The biggest issue for graduates is to find a job, so I keep on telling everyone not to worry and that there is a suitable place for everyone, whereas in my own head, I sometimes imagine ending up as the biggest looser of all. I literally spend my whole life panicking, but …

How to become a fashion journalist - Anastasiya Mozgovaya

How to become a fashion journalist

My name is Anastasiya Mozgovaya, and I am 21 years old. I was born and raised in Dnipropetrovsk, Eastern Ukraine, but moved to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, after graduating from high school in order to study at university. I received my bachelor`s degree in “Editing and Publishing” in June 2015. At the moment, I am at the crossroad of many options of what to do next of how to become a fashion journalist. I have always been one of those kids, who wanted to choose their own outfits from a very young age, no matter what their parents thought or said. I had a very vivid idea of what I wanted to look like. In middle school, I took up drawing classes, where I had a chance to explore my first fashion magazine. I honestly do not remember which one it was, but I looked at every single page many-many times and felt a new kind of very strong excitement. That was the moment, when I realised I wanted to be in fashion. Back …