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Cape Town street style

Cape Town Street Style

I will never stop to emphasize the importance of travelling (read more about that here) and seeing with your own eyes, how people translate culture and other influences into design, fashion, concept stores, shops, cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels – or with other words: everything life style. It’s in the cities that this happens, and the metropolises are like magnates to young people, creatives, and everyone else curious. I recently went to Cape Town, and below is a selection of my favourite Cape Town street style. Tribe coffee bar. Unfortunately travelling isn’t always possible, and it’s in this case that the Internet offers such a rich source of inspiration, as we’re allowed to see things through someone else’s eyes. It’s at the same time inspiring on both a personal and professional level, and if you work in fashion design, having new inputs are crucial to the design process. Another huge benefit is becoming aware of the type of consumer(s) that inhabit the city. When working in the global fashion industry, and today with social media …

what's new in fashion photography

What’s new in Fashion Photography?

Never has fashion photography been more important. Throughout decades, fashion photography has been a celebrated type of art form, and the photographers as celebrated as the fashion designers themselves, and new styles are finding their way due to our changing ways of living. Instagram and street photography have updated the paparazzi style of the past and are the exact opposite of the more constructed photo shoot that you see in magazines. While Photoshop and beautifying filters have made anything possible, the raw and authentic photo is just as important. Often tendencies work like this; when you have a strong trend of something, you often also see its exact opposite as a counter reaction. So what’s new in fashion photography? The line between professional and amateur photography is being blurred, as technology is being easier to use. This is perhaps the biggest change to what’s new in fashion photography. You don’t need a fancy camera anymore, as your phone takes very decent pictures. You can crop photos on most laptops, and adding a filter will make …

The Global Office

The Global Office

In 2014, I defined the concept The Global Office. From being something just simmering in my mind, I then gave it a name. As all other people, I enjoy travelling, but unlike most, I like to work when I travel. This is perhaps due to my hard-working gen, or out of love for my job – or maybe because I realized how much more I got inspired, when I got out from the office or design studio. It simply enhanced the quality of my work, and made my perception of things broader. There are of course huge benefits from being in the office such as spending time with your colleagues and sharing thoughts and ideas. This is a part from the very obvious reasons of getting into the office: working – as in getting things done. I have to admit that many things are a lot easier, when you sit under the same roof; processes are easier, and so is communication (if we actually chose to speak to our colleagues instead of just sending them …