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Breakfast at Tiffanys

It’s 2017 – Editor’s note

It’s 2017 – exciting, isn’t it? At The Fashion Crowd, we took a break in order to strategize for 2017, and now we’re back with exciting plans and a desire to make 2017 a fashionable one. Over the past days, we stumbled upon a couple of articles that made our minds fly. The first was from Vogue (read it here), and it spoke about the amount of changes that happened in 2016, and that are likely to keep happening in 2017. That is one thing that is certain and the over-all question remains how fashion can keep up with the pace of social media and its instant changes, its very reason to exist. Perhaps in the future, the new normal will be that we will all only have a basic wardrobe and merely rent the fashion pieces in order to always be able to change them? Joseph & Oscar de la Rente… Let’s see. Surely it’s exiting and opens up to a well of new possibilities. The article went on to talking about the main …