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New fashion cities and designers - Omelya

New Fashion Cities: Kiev and Minsk

I recently came back from a trip to Kiev and Minsk after giving two lectures about ‘Trend Forecasting’ and ‘Making a Fashion Collection’. For some years, I have been very interested in new fashion cities, as a fresh alternative to ‘The Big 4; London, Paris, Milan and New York’. I’ve been really surprised by all the fresh influence coming from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus and continue to think, it’s really interesting places for new fashion cities with so much possibility, and enjoy seeing new designers slowly carving their way to international fame. Also this time I wasn’t disappointed; in Kiev I met with Daria Shapovalova and her whole team from Kiev Fashion Institute, and we visited upcoming designers as Omelya, Anna October, Anna K., Shushan and Lapti shoes. The next day a workshop and an interested audience, who listened carefully for 7 hours about trends. Not bad for a Saturday with sunshine outside! With Daria Shapovalova in Kiev Passage. Also in Minsk, creativity and fashion are starting to spread like circles in the water. …

Are there too many fashion brands - Miu Miu

Are there too many fashion brands?

The world is big, yes, but all the time we hear about new fashion brands coming out wishing to establish their own line. What I remember from my own experience and from teaching at fashion school is that most young designers – with a few exceptions who want to pursue a path with the big brands – dream about one day having their own label. Social media have offered formats where expressing your art and what you have inside have been made fun, easy and instant, but the dream about having your own brand is still there. One question remains; are there too many fashion brands today? The world is literally packed with designers and brands, and looking online or strolling in big cities give you an idea about the amount of goods being on offer. In theory, we don’t need more of anything, but a part from the urge to express our style and look presentable (consumers’ need), society as a whole, from economic growth to the end consumer, will need new talent to interpret …

sikh-chic with Jeetinder Sandhu

Sikh-chic with Jeetinder Sandhu

Interesting things often happen when you take two apparently contradicting things and, in equal parts, mix them together. This was also the case, when New Delhi met London, and out came sikh-chic with Jeetinder Sandhu. A lot of good things can be said about him. The first that comes to my mind, is that nobody in the whole world looks as good with Aviator sunglasses on as him. Have a look at his photo at the top – not hard to imagine, right? Then add a hand-carrier man bag with his super designs. Voilà. The second good thing is that he was the one, who, in persona, convinced me that men can look good in slim tracksuits made partly of chiffon (in black, of course). For someone with a European aesthetics (myself) that can feel rather… Well, intense. That was until I met Jee. Always challenge the rules – and your teacher. On a more serious notion, Jee was one of the participants in London Graduate Fashion Week 2013, who got most press because of …