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aw16 fashion trends

AW16 Fashion Trends

A bit of time has passed since aw16 fashion weeks of ‘The Big 4’ ended, and the many impressions have been digested and come together in the most important aw16 fashion trends. It’s always interesting to hear opinion leaders like Anna Wintour, on what was most evident in the fashion weeks of NYC, London, Milan and Paris, as well as seeing Vogue’s overview on the 12 strongest trends from all the fashion weeks in terms of clothing and accessories. Most fashion magazines make similar overviews, and it’s curious to compare them, as there are both repetitions and new entries. This reminds us about the fact, that there’s not one right solution, and that fashion is socially contextualised. What is making an impression on us and captivating us, will depend on many things as, at the end of the day, it’s a personal opinion. When we nevertheless choose to listen to opinion makers on what is important, and trusting them as experts, it’s because, we know that they have a broader and more thorough understanding of …

Fashion adopters - Hari Nef

Trend Forecasting Part 3

Fashion Adopters and types of consumers Now it’s time to have a look at the different people, who shape the fashion trends, and the people who follow lead – who are they really? On with the fashion glasses one more time, and let’s take a closer look at the bell curve for Trends, and see how it translate into different Fashion Adopters. Let’s also find out where Fashion Designers fit in in all of this, and find some examples of who the Innovators of today’s trendiness are. ‘To fit in or not to fit in’ – that is what Shakespeare might have said about our bell-curved diagram below describing the different types of consumers, and where in the process of adaption, they exist. It puts all of us, the consumers, into 5 different segments of Fashion Adopter types, but it can also describe how consumers adopt other things than fashion. Originally it was developed to describe, peoples’ willing ness to try something new, an Innovation, and in a certain sense, an Innovation isn’t very different …