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Fashion collection inspiration

Fashion Collection Inspiration

When you start working as a fashion designer, understanding how to start a research and deciding on your fashion collection inspiration can be one of the hardest things to gauge and get started with. The thing is you can be inspired by anything, which is not really any help, when you still don’t know how to go about it. But, when you start having a feel about, what’s going on in the fashion world (read more about that here), and trust your intuition, you have a pretty good chance of doing something cool and worthwhile. Later a lot of the work, you will do, will feel like something that’s coming from deep within and just has to get out. One way of getting started with understanding how other designers go about their research is comprehending, what they have actually been inspired by; their fashion collection inspiration. This is not always easy, when you see the end result, as many, perhaps even most fashion collections are puzzled together by plenty different snippets of inspiration. It’s rather …

Collecting images for fashion research

Creative Fashion Research Part 4

Collecting images for fashion research A good research is crucial for a good fashion collection, as everything starts from here. It’s important you feel strongly motivated with what you choose to work with, as well as choosing something that’s relevant to the consumer, and right for the brand you create for (read more about that here). If you don’t love your research (and I chose the word love on purpose, because you need to love it, not just like it), you will never love your collection, and if you don’t, most likely no one else will. When collecting images for fashion research, the images you put in your research must give you a direction and spark ideas in your mind about: Mood: Always an important and first step. It’s the feel of the collection, and everything springs from here. If you don’t have a clear idea about this, the entire research will be messy. Type of woman (or man): This is what I call a Muse. A Muse is someone who inhabits the imaginary world …

when is a fashion collection relevant

When is a fashion collection relevant?

I’ve previously discussed the importance of making a research that you love, as the only starting point for making a strong fashion collection, but other matters are just as important. As a fashion designer, you may have an intuition for style, and be a first mover of trying new and strong ideas, but ultimately your creations will only be successful, if they matter to the consumer. So when is a fashion collection relevant? In this, there’s a lot of marketing and other aspects to discuss, but if we for a moment concentrate on the actual fashion collection and product, here’s some considerations to take into account. What is the secret to choosing something that’s relevant to the consumer? Three things are important here: being aware of what fashion has been like lately, having an intuition of where fashion is heading and understanding your consumer. So, in order to be up-to-date of what happens in the fashion world, it’s important to follow the big brands, read magazines and perhaps follow a few bloggers or other trend-setting …