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Fashionable summer

Editor’s note – on a fashionable Summer

It’s almost June! That means summer, holiday, drinks, warm evenings, sun, a tan, the smell of sun lotion, soft breezes, colours, light clothes and an all-together different energy. Light Linen shirts and paglia shoes… Maybe.. Depending on where you are. Writing this, I’m in London, and today the weather is grey, grey, grey, and I had to borrow a warm sweater from my friend. But hey, we’ve already had some good days, and optimistic as I am, I’m hoping for more sunny days and an all-together ‘good summer’. Being born in Denmark, the topic of the ‘good summer’ is every year, well, pretty hot. And working in fashion; I’m all about a fashionable summer. The world is a great place of opportunities and possibilities, and never before has it been possible to make your dreams come true as easily as today. Alas, it’s still not easy, but at least more possible. This is of course great – thanks in particular to the Internet. It’s the same Internet that also allows us to constantly be updated …