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Personal Branding and Social Media

Personal branding and social media

Everyone is on social media these days, right? But how do we go about this in terms of combining having a personal profile with one suitable for the fashion industry? From my point of view, it is a topic one should think of, no matter what kind of career you are building, but especially if you are in the fashion industry, as it’s very visual. So let`s talk about this thing called personal branding and social media! I remember the moment when my boss in fashion started following me on Instagram. I freaked out. It took me some time to fully comprehend the fact that from now on, he would be able to know, what my personal life was like, where I went, and what I did. I used to post pictures of myself going out and having fun, as well as selfies (of course), me in the changing rooms and food. Actually, I still post a lot of that, but I am definitely much more attentive with what exactly, I show to the world …