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New fashion cities and designers - Omelya

New Fashion Cities: Kiev and Minsk

I recently came back from a trip to Kiev and Minsk after giving two lectures about ‘Trend Forecasting’ and ‘Making a Fashion Collection’. For some years, I have been very interested in new fashion cities, as a fresh alternative to ‘The Big 4; London, Paris, Milan and New York’. I’ve been really surprised by all the fresh influence coming from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus and continue to think, it’s really interesting places for new fashion cities with so much possibility, and enjoy seeing new designers slowly carving their way to international fame. Also this time I wasn’t disappointed; in Kiev I met with Daria Shapovalova and her whole team from Kiev Fashion Institute, and we visited upcoming designers as Omelya, Anna October, Anna K., Shushan and Lapti shoes. The next day a workshop and an interested audience, who listened carefully for 7 hours about trends. Not bad for a Saturday with sunshine outside! With Daria Shapovalova in Kiev Passage. Also in Minsk, creativity and fashion are starting to spread like circles in the water. …

Fashion journalist in Paris - Anastasiya Mozgovaya

A Fashion Journalist in Paris

So, what happens to me next? In the previous post of mine, I told you about the “before” part of my life, but what about “now” being a fashion journalist in Paris? When you are in university, as I was until recently, all you dream about is graduation. Right after finishing, it feels like you will be able to do whatever you want (meaning working twice as much and sleeping just as little), but when you do graduate, the reality slaps you in the face. There are some people, who are not ready for it at all, so they start panicking, but there are others, who just do things, no matter what. To be perfectly honest, I am a crazy combo of both. The biggest issue for graduates is to find a job, so I keep on telling everyone not to worry and that there is a suitable place for everyone, whereas in my own head, I sometimes imagine ending up as the biggest looser of all. I literally spend my whole life panicking, but …

New designer Irina Krasilnikova

New designer Irina Krasilnikova

There’s a lot of cool work out there that’s hugely inspiring. New designers use their youth, ambition and talent to invent the fashion of tomorrow, and it feels wonderfully refreshing in a world with conglomerate fashion companies that are so powerful that it seems like there’s no place in the world without a Louis Vuitton store. Don’t get me wrong; I love the big brands – but I also love something more special and original. Wearing something interesting, and something not everyone has, makes you feel very special. Farfetch is an online fashion boutique with a nice variety of new fashion brands, and otherwise these new designers are mostly available in their own mono-brand store in their country of origin together with a few selected multi-brand stores. Therefore you need to be very well informed, when you visit a new place as a tourist, if you’re going to dig out any of the cool designers in some of the concept stores. I came across new designer Irina Krasilnikova during Kiev Fashion Days in Ukraine. There are …