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Hillary Clinton

Editor’s note – on Hillary Clinton

So, we’re not exactly a political blog as in at all – we’re a fashion blog – but fashion is about making a standpoint that you believe in, and so is being a cool human being. We had to comment on the one thing that is on our mind today; the US election. We don’t consider ourselves to be experts in American politics, and therefore perhaps our voice is not even important, but we do consider ourselves to have certain values that we believe in, and human traits that we approve of and admire. Let’s start with the human traits; I really admire, when people work hard, have a proven track record/CV, know what they’re talking about, have familiarised themselves with cases they comment on, speak well of others, and have a positive outlook on the future and believe in being able to better things. This is the type of person, I would love to be friends with and hire to work with. It’s also the type of person I would go to great lengths …

young fashion consumers

Young Fashion Consumers

Today nobody questions the role and importance of fashion, and everybody’s continuous engagement with it as natural fashion consumers. It has become and integrated and important part of our lives, and just during the last 10 years much has happened mainly thanks to media. Most of us take dressing according to our tastes and values for granted, and it’s a clear sign that we have our basic needs covered, and have reached the top level of Self-actualization in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Because this is exactly what fashion is about: self-realisation, and self-expression, which are directly linked to our identity, and especially to young fashion consumers, this is something ultra important. It’s also the epitome of why fashion isn’t superficial – identity never can be. During our lives, our relationship to fashion changes. When we’re kids, we pay less attention to fashion, a part from some very strong desires rooted in us about especially what colours and types of garments, we want to wear. From the age of 3-4, little girls want to wear pink, …

Becoming an accessory designer - Hongzhan He

Becoming an Accessory Designer

My name is Hongzhan, and I am 24 years old and from Hunan, China. I live and study Accessory Design in Milan, and before coming here, I already completed a bachelor degree in Beijing, majoring in English. After my BA degree, though, I realized that I have no interest in a safe and repetitive job like teaching or translating, and I decided to try something totally different. So far, and at the beginning of my 3rd year in Accessory Design, I am totally content and grateful for this decision of becoming an Accessory Designer. Sometimes I feel, I was destined to choose this career. I grew up in a small town located in central southern China, where people live in a traditional way and barely have any comprehension about fashion. My grandfather was one of the best shoemakers in town, and he educated my father and my uncle with his experience and skill. Unfortunately he passed away, before I was born, and I never had the chance to meet him. My dad, after failing with …