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Role of Creative Directors

The Role of Creative Directors

The Creative Director is the one, who determines what a fashion collection should look like – gives the creative direction – and has the last word when it comes to the creative part. Lately, there have been many changes; to mention a few Justin O’Shea left Brioni, Peter Dundas left Emilio Pucci, Anthony Vaccarello recently showed his debut collection at YSL and Maria Grazia Chiuri showed hers at Maison Dior. But what is the role of Creative Directors, actually, anno 2016, where historic and eponymous fashion brands have outlived the founding fashion designer? So, Anthony Vacarello recently mentioned in an interview that to him, YSL is not about the actual clothes but about an attitude. Or to quote the designer himself “My idea of YSL lies in the attitude”. When he met with Mr Pierre Berger, Berger confirmed Vacarello in not trying to copy Monsieur Saint Laurent, as such an attempt can never be original, contemporary and perhaps successful. With that in mind, we’re looking at a fashion brand, where the actual brand has outlived …

the end of fashion shows

Is it the end of Fashion Shows?

A little more than a week ago, an article was published by WWD on how the Council of Fashion Designers of America has hired Boston Consulting Group to re-think the calendar and dynamics of the fashion industry, in particular the fashion shows. It’s an excellent read, which we tweeted on Twitter (follow us here) with many insights from industry professionals. What has changed everything is social media, as you can see images and videos of collections up to six months before they hit the stores, and buy cheaper copies from fast fashion brands, while the originals are being produced. By the time these original items hit the stores, most consumers are so tired of looking at them, that they aren’t interested in buying anymore. Winners: fast-fashion brands. Losers: Ready-to-Wear/Pret-a-Porter brands. What will happen, and will it be the end of fashion shows? If we look at history, small in-house presentations were made for an exclusive circle of clients in the days, when Pret-a-Porter (PAP) wasn’t born yet, and only haute couture was around. This was …