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The Fashion Calendar

Fashion calendar - Ainur Turisbek

It seems like it’s always fashion week somewhere in the world. Menswear, womenswear, Haute Couture, Resort and Pre-Fall – London, Paris, Milan, New York, and Kiev. It can be hard to keep the overview, but luckily you can find a very comprehensive fashion calendar on-line.

Two sites offer what, according to me, are the most useful weekly calendars:

The first one from Fashion Week Online can be synced with your Google calendar, if you have a Gmail account. Then you will really never miss any event. The second is just a clear overview, and I appreciate the calendar format.

I like to see the photos from the shows on, which I have used for more than a decade. A lot of other sites offer the same possibility, such as,, and, but I’m used to Style, and faithful to them. Human beings – we like our habits and stick to them. You can of course choose the one, you like the best, or switch between them.

Another thing that’s very exciting, when it comes to fashion weeks, are the street shots being made of models, guests, editors, stylist, and buyers or, with other words; most of the fashion crowd. I usually check out Tommy Ton on, and Adam Katz Sinding on Again there are others, so it’s just about finding the ones, you like the most. The one, who started street shots, was The Sartorialist, who’s also someone to keep an eye on. He came before Instagram, and definitely made his impact on the fashion world making it more instant, authentic, and all together different from the perfect and polished fashion shoots in the glossy magazines.

I would recommend any designer or aspiring designer to pay attention to what goes on in the fashion world and keeping up-to-date with the fashion calendar. No matter what field we work in, there’s always a context, and we need to be aware of it, if we want to make our way. Gone are the days, when a big couturier could simply make some elegant lines on a piece of paper, have it produced in a nearby studio, and after a season have a thousand followers hungry for pret-a-porter. There’s a lot of competition today, and many designers fight for the same consumers. Therefore it’s really important to know, what your competitors are doing, as well as having a feel for where fashion and trends are heading.

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