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The Future of Fashion series

The future of fashion series with Alexa Chung

As our followers on Twitter will know, we have for the past month or so, been posting tweets about the great The Future of Fashion series with Alexa Chung. If you love fashion, Alexa and am just the least interested in the future of the industry – and we believe most of our readers can say yes to all of this – then this series is the best way to get important information about the industry in a very entertaining, inspiring, and relaxing way.

Throw yourself on the couch, put up your legs and get ready for a sweet and glamourous sneak-peak into the fashion world in company with some talented, hardworking, and passionate people sharing what their everyday work is like as well as offering valuable tips. At The Fashion Crowd, we have watched and enjoyed all six episodes, which can now be watched in its total length of one hour of entertaining information, and important points have been made along the way.

What we have really taken notice of, which are some of the important bits, we take with us after watching the series, is that hard work, passion and dedication are the only way to make it in this industry, but also a wonderful way full of satisfaction. We were struck by the passion, engagement and dedication that all these people work with day after day, and it tells us that true dedication and love are the only real starting points for making it in the fashion world. No one complained or seemed weighted down by the quantity of hours put in, and no one spoke about ‘having rather wanted to do something else in life’. Quite on the contrary, Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director at Balmain, spoke about his shift from law to fashion, as law didn’t make him very happy. We’re not saying that fashion is for everyone, but if it’s for you, it can be a really fulfilling path.

We enjoyed the many types of fashion professionals that the program describes, as it offered a glimpse of the many different roles that you can actually do a part from being a fashion designer. Hopefully, it will encourage the next generation to research, discover, ask curious questions and find out for themselves about the variety of choice that this huge industry offers. There’s something for a lot of different personality types, and areas such as business, marketing, law, creation, trend forecasting, production, sales, and PR is not even an exhaustive list, though some of the more important areas. You can have an inclination about what is for you, but the only real way of finding out, is to try it out. Therefore, while you’re young, find a way to make yourself useful, and get some real experience. Get an internship – just like Christopher Kane advises.

No talk about the Future of Fashion without also the mentioning of social media. It is perhaps the most innovative thing that has happened in this industry during the last years, where heritage, traditions, and craftsmanship still play important roles regardless of the focus on trends and the next season. The exposure, promotion, and speed can seem overwhelming at times, and the quantity makes you wonder, where the real focus and priority lies. But then you watch ‘The Future of Fashion’ series, and it’s a kind reminder that Real People in the Real World make Real Products for other Real People to derive Real Value from – because all of them genuinely care. It’s reflected in the social media, yes, but it’s only, and still only, a mirror of the Real Deal.

Over to the couch…

Up with your legs, come on…

Watch The Future of Fashion series now! (or later this weekend)

Photo is from the series ‘The Future of Fashion’ with Alexa Chung by Vogue UK. On the picture is a smiling Alexa with Olivier Rousteing.

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